Dragon Quest Tact tier list – all the best monsters ranked

Find the best monsters available with help from our Dragon Quest Tact tier list

If you’re new to Dragon Quest Tact and need to know which monsters will make the best additions to your party, we’re here to help. The newest title in the Dragon Quest series is a bit different from the mainline games, and sees you controlling monsters in grid-based, tactical combat.

There’s a huge roster of available characters, including some familiar faces from other Dragon Quest titles, all with varying levels of rarity, meaning it may be tough to acquire your favourite. You’re able to obtain a few lower-tier monsters just by progressing through the game, however, the top tier beasts come from scouts.

Our Dragon Quest Tact tier list is a work in progress and will be added to when new characters are released. For the moment, we’ll assist you in building up a strong team, and also provide some information on how you can reroll for a better monster. If you’re looking for other titles like Dragon Quest Tact, take a look at our list of the best gacha games.

Dragon Quest Tact tier list

When you first start, we recommend rerolling until you get an S rank monster you like, then building a team around it. The best teams are generally fully magical or fully physical, so the S rank monster you land on will dictate which path you should take.

Here’s a list of the monsters you can currently roll for complete with their rank:

Tier Monster
S Emperor Slime, King She-Slime, Great Dragon, Royal Reptile, Squidzilla, Hybrid, Night Clubber, Prism Peacock, Killing Machine, Metal Dragon, Arcdemon, Great Troll, Hell Gladiator, Wight Knight, Dragonlord, Dragonlord’s True Form
A Slimecicle, Slimeshroom, Axesaurus, Wyrtoise, Handsome Crab, Devilmouth, Hellion, Striking Sabrecat, Living Statue, Lethal Armour, Silvapithecus, Gigantes, Bone Baron, Dragon Zombie, Dark Skeleton
B Cyber Slime, Lemon Slime, Dragurn, Wharfhorse, Hades Condor, Gargoyle, Orc Chieftain, Tearwolf, Stone Golem, Bad Karmour, Raving Lunatick, Knight Aberrant, Skeleton Soldier, Drohl Drone
C Angel Slime, Man o’ War, Mandrake Mercenary, Salamander Fry, Lips, Mushroom Mage, Clawcerer, Buffalo Wing, Mud Mannequin, Shadow, Minidemon, Bodkin Feather, Mummy Boy, Fightgeist

A skeleton, a ghost, and a slime prepare for battle in a field

How to perform a Dragon Quest Tact reroll

Currently, the Killing Machine SP scout has unlimited retries, so you can choose that banner without going through the reroll process. If you’ve chosen any other banner, the process of rerolling in Dragon Quest Tact can take a bit of time, but it is possible. If you’ve received a low-tier monster, follow the instructions below to try again.

  • Open the game and proceed through the tutorial
  • After completing chapter two, episode one, the scout tutorial will begin
  • After the tutorial, head to your present box and press claim all
  • Spend your gems and tickets on scouts
  • Received a high-tier monster? feel free to continue without rerolling
  • Got a low-tier monster instead? You’ll need to delete the game data off your phone and restart the game
  • Repeat these steps until you get the monster you want!

As mentioned above, our Dragon Quest Tact tier list is a work in progress, so check back frequently for updates on how to perfect your team!

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