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Dragon Quest mobile game marks another Square Enix casualty

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai’s end of service marks the end of another Square Enix mobile game, this time less than 18 months after its launch

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai end of service: a boy in a blue tunic with white tape wrapped around his forearms and spiky black hair, looking at the camera with one arm down, one on his hip, superimposed on a mango yellow background.

Look, we love Square Enix here at Pocket Tactics, but it has a wild proclivity for launching mobile entries in big franchises then shutting them down speedily; Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Deus Ex Go, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes, and Arena Battle Champions… And next up is Dragon Quest The Adventures of Dai’s end of service.

This comes after the game launched in September 2021, giving the game around 18 months of life when the shutdown date rolls around in April this year. While the mobile game space is a difficult one, there seems to be a trend of ending games that have only just launched, which is sad to see.

And, with the Dragon Quest Champions release date sometime in the future, it does make me wonder how long Square Enix plans to support the game. Why would I invest time and possibly money when the game won’t be around a couple of years later? Anyway, enough pontificating, check out the dev team’s full statement below.

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai end of service announcement

You can check out the full statement on Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai’s shutdown on the website to see methods for disabling automatic renewal and some other helpful info.

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End of service roadmap

Here’s what you can expect from the last few months in-game.

End of service announcement

  • 2023/1/25 12:00 am PST

Discontinue the sale of red gems

  • 2023/1/25 12:00 am PST
  • Any red gems already purchased can still be used up until the service ends.

Discontinue the sale of item packs

  • 2023/1/25 12:00 am PST

Discontinue the sale of gold pass

  • 2023/1/25 12:00 am PST

Disable automatic gold pass renewal

  • 2023/1/29 19:00 PST

That’s all we’ve got on Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai’s shutdown. For more, check out our Dragon Quest Treasures review for a game that should be around for a good long while.