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Dragon Quest Treasures monsters

Embark on an exciting, treasure-hunting adventure with a team of powerful Dragon Quest Treasures monsters as you allies - there's nothing this lil guys can't do

Dragon Quest Treasures monsters - Mia sat between two sleeping monsters

While it may not be an official sequel to the Dragon Quest Monsters games, the Dragon Quest Treasures monsters play a super important part in this unique entry in the series. Not only do they help you locate and carry treasure, they also have handy abilities that can help you in battle, while traversing the map, and more. So let’s take a look at what these useful mons’ can do, and how to make the most of their friendship.

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Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of Dragon Quest Treasures monsters.

Dragon Quest Treasures monsters - the monster recruitment screen

How do I recruit Dragon Quest Treasures monsters?

When out fighting, monsters that you defeat have a chance of being so impressed by your technique that they apply to join your gang. You can also boost the chances of a monster wanting to join your gang by using a buddy bullet on them.

You can recruit monsters that apply to join your gang from the reception desk in your base (manned by Miss Cecily). Each applicant requires a specific fee – usually a selection of materials and/or food. If the recruitment board is full and new potential recruits want to sign up, the newest candidates replace the oldest.

However, if there’s a monster you really want to keep but you don’t have the materials yet, you can prevent them from being replaced by pressing the + button when hovering over their profile to set it as ‘keep’.

Dragon Quest Treasures monsters - Erik riding a bird with a treasure icon above its head

What do Dragon Quest Treasures monsters do?

When going out treasure hunting, you can bring a team of three monsters to fight alongside you and help you find treasures. While exploring the different islands, be sure to keep an eye on your monsters. When you’re approaching treasure or brick-a-brack, an icon pops up above their heads.

When you get close to the hidden loot, your monsters have Treasure Visions that show you where the valuables are. Your monsters also carry all the treasure you find. Some have the capacity to carry more treasures than others, so bear that in mind while picking your team, too!

Before picking your team, be sure to check the Treasure Forecast for the island you want to visit. Every island has a Golden Ratio which cycles frequently, and the Treasure Forecast helps you work this out. A higher value on your Golden Ratio means your monsters can sense treasure more easily.

Dragon Quest Treasures monsters - the golden ratio treasure forecast screen

You can raise your Golden Ratio by choosing monsters whose favourite treasures match the Treasure Forecast on the island you want to visit. When choosing an island, Purrsula and Porcus also give you a little hint about the treasures that are available on each island, so keep that in mind if you’re searching for something in particular.

But monsters can do more than detect treasure – they also have unique forte abilities. Each monster family has a different forte at their disposal, so make sure you try them out and take fortes into consideration when putting together your team.

Here are the different types of forte abilities you can gain access to:

  • Glide – allows you to grab on to the monster so you can drift down safely or ride air currents. Can be used on the ground or in mid-air
  • Launch – use the monster like a springboard to reach high places. Can only be used while on the ground
  • Sprint – allows you to ride the monster for rapid traversal of any terrain. Can only be used on the ground
  • Scan – activate the monster’s sixth sense to check the surrounding area for crafting materials and treasure chests. Can only be used on the ground
  • Stealth – use the monster’s ability to dive below the surface in order to pass through very narrow spaces. Can only be used on the ground

On top of all of that, Dragon Quest Treasures monsters are also your best battle allies. By default, they attack any monster you’re targeting (or any monster that’s attacking you), but you can also give out orders and tell them to stay, attack, and more. Plus, every monster has their own special Dragon Attack, which you can activate at the cost of a portion of your Dragon Energy.

And that’s all we’ve got on Dragon Quest Treasures monsters for now. While you’re here, be sure to check out our top picks for the best Switch games in 2022 for even more adventures to embark on.