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Dragon Quest Treasures characters

A treasure hunt is just no fun without friends, so let's get to know all the Dragon Quest Treasures characters we'll meet on this new journey

Dragon Quest Treasures characters Erik and Mia on a boat

Ahoy! There be treasures in these lands – but you can’t hunt them on your own. So let’s take a look at all the Dragon Quest Treasures characters we know about so far, from the main duo Mia and Erik, to their floating pals Purrsula and Porcus, and even the ruthless Captain Silverbones and his gang.

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Main Dragon Quest Treasures characters

Dragon Quest Treasures characters - Erik and Purrsula


A curious young boy who lived on a viking ship with his sister, Mia. He dreams of going on grand adventures and finding great treasures. One day, when he and his sister snuck out in search of treasure, his dreams are answered, and they’re both sucked into a whirlwind adventure full of monsters, new friends, and untold riches.

Erik first appeared in Dragon Quest XI as a primary character who joins your party. Erik is much younger in Dragon Quest Treasures, leading many to believe that it’s some form of prequel to DQXI.

Dragon Quest Treasures characters Mia holding the dragon blade


Mia is an energetic girl who hates to lose. She lived on the viking ship with her older brother Erik, until their passion for adventure led them on an exciting, treasure-filled journey. You can switch between controlling Erik or Mia throughout the game.

Like Erik, Mia also made her first appearance in Dragon Quest XI, in which she played the same role as Erik’s boisterous sister. Also like Erik, Mia appears much younger in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures characters Purrsula


A mysterious cat spirit that Erik and Mia rescued on the viking ship. Purrsula chooses Erik as her partner, and accompanies him throughout the events of the game, often offering advice and guidance.

Dragon Quest Treasures characters Porcus


A mysterious pig spirit who was rescued by Erik and Mia alongside Purrsula. Porcus chooses Mia as his partner, and accompanies her on her adventure, offering guidance and help whenever he can.

Dragon Quest Treasures characters gathered around a flag and cheering

Other Dragon Quest Treasures characters

Mr. Euston

The station master of the Trans-Draconic Railway, who strives to revive the company. He helps Erik and Mia evaluate the treasure they find, and guides you as you build up your base.

Miss Cecily

The well-mannered, hardworking head of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company’s personnel department. She accepts applications from monsters who want to join your team and proposes additional facilities like the canteen, shop, and more.

Mr. Muddimer

A friendly employee working at the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. He organises your monster barracks, and allows you to send teams out on expeditions.

Madame Blancmange

A large slime chef who helps you set up a canteen in the railway company. She’s travelled around the world in search of new ingredients and recipes, but never lost her thick French accent.

Bricky Rix

Bricky Rix (also known as Mr B. Rix) is a golem merchant who has travelled around the world. At your request, he settles down to open an emporium for the Trans-Draconic Railway Company where you can purchase a selection of handy items.

Dragon Quest Treasures characters Silverbones and his commanders on their ship

The Thunderous Plunderers

The Thunderous Plunderers is a notorious treasure hunting gang led by the ruthless Captain Silverbones. Silverbones directs the Thunderous Plunderers with the help of his officers Gustav, Bonnie, and Mogsworth. Other members include Shady the shadow, and Shambles the pig mage.

The Sylphanian Expedition

Another rival treasure hunting gang, the Sylphanian Expedition is headed by Levanter the orc. Its members include the helpful and plucky new recruit Gayle, and the elegant and soft-spoken Anemone.

That’s all the Dragon Quest Treasures characters we know about so far. We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we meet more! If you’re looking for some more adventures to tide you over in the meantime, check out our list of the best Switch RPGs.