Dumb Ways To Die franchise expands with climbing and cards

Another addition to the Dumb Ways to Die franchise is here along with a card game to mark the game’s massive popularity as a game, and TikTok trend.

Dumb Ways To Die: lots of characters stood on a train platform

PlaySide Studios Ltd today announced that Dumb Ways To Climb is now available, along with pre-orders for a physical card game. We’re big fans of mobile puzzle gmes over at Pocket Tactics, so we’re excited to jump into this.

Dumb Ways to Climb marks the latest addition to the booming Dumb Ways To Die franchise, which now consists of over 12 games on mobile platforms. As the name suggests, your objective is to climb, run, and jump across endless obstacles without falling to your doom.

There are also some interesting factoids about Dumb Ways To Die’s success, especially on TikTok. They’re quite big on TikTok because of you know, that catchy song that went around with people doing silly things and having accidents? Yeah, that’s from the Dumb Ways To Die franchise.

Over 180K TikTok-ers made videos using the theme song, which generated a massive 350 million views (and counting). The Dumb Ways To Die account even has over four million followers of its own. Another stat for you: players completed more than 50 million minigames in Dumb Ways To Die 4, and that’s only since its release in May 2023.

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Of course, if these games aren’t enough for you, there are also Dumb Ways to Draw, Dumb Ways to Dash, and plenty of other spin-offs from the main bean-boozling entries… and a physical edition in card game format! You can grab the Dumb Ways to Die card game on Amazon, too, if you want to bring the game to life and play in person with up to four friends.

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