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ByteDance gaming arm Nuverse unveils new mobile game Earth: Revival

ByteDance’s gaming arm Nuverse is ready to show off its open world survival shooter mobile game Earth: Revival - only the strong survive

A group of survivors fighting aliens as they prep for the Earth: Revival release date

ByteDance isn’t just about internet trends and video clips anymore, as its gaming division, Nuverse, is ready to unveil its new open world survival shooter Earth: Revival. A game that takes you to the distant future, to a place where you must fight for your life, though you can bring a friend along for the ride.

Sure, the Earth: Revival release date is still a ways off, but the thought of exploring vast landscapes that are ravaged by warfare between humans and an alien race is exciting. While the world is dilapidated, life remains, and the surviving humans are determined to fight for their planet.

Naturally, this means there’s some intense combat for you to involve yourself in as you gather resources to craft weapons and power armour, while you also keep an eye out for building materials and rations as you look for locations to build a settlement. You can choose to do this alone, or embrace the ‘strength in numbers’ mentality.

To top it off, you can create your own identity thanks to a variety of skins, upgrades, and attachments for your weapons.

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Earth: Revival release date speculation

There’s no set release date for Earth: Revival, though it’s due to land sometime in 2023 on mobile and PC.

When is the Earth: Revival closed beta?

If you can’t wait until next year, you can always sign up for the closed beta that takes place between September 2 and September 18. Should you take part in the test, you can nab yourself an exclusive in-game cosmetic.

The Earth: Revival closed beta allows you to explore a vast open world, while giving you thee chance to check out raids, see what PvE content is on offer, and flex your competitive muscles in multiplayer.

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