Be maidenless, not monsterless, with these Elden Ring Pokémon

Instagram artist Golden Demise imagines what Pokémon would look like if they came from the world of Elden Ring, offering up some of the coolest art in a while

A picture of an Elden Ring landscape with a tall tree with glowing yellow leaves in the distance on the right. Superimposed in the middle is the Pokemon Pikachu, in the sky is Zapdos.

We love Pokémon at Pocket Tactics. It’s kind of our job to love it, but still, we love it nonetheless. One thing we also love but get less of a chance to chat about is Elden Ring. Well, thanks to Instagram artist Golden Demise, now is our chance to gush about both at the same time, while also admiring their exceptional art.

It’s a noble aim, really, to imagine these cute and cuddly creatures in such a dark and grim way. The great success of Golden Demise’s Elden Ring Pokémon is that they don’t lose any of their Poké-charm, yet still feel like they’d fit in perfectly walking the Altus Peak. There are also a bunch of great references any Elden Ring fan will fawn over.

For example, there’s Mimikyu as a finger maiden crone, Stakataka as a walking mausoleum, and Golurk as a giant golem archer. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, however, as a casual scroll down their feed reveals a true love for both Elden Ring and Pokémon – as well as some gorgeous-looking art.

Elden Ring Pokémon

You can check out our favourite Elden Ring Pokémon below, and be sure to click through to Golden Demise’s profile to give them some love for their amazing work.

Art of the Pokemon Mimikyu dressed as an old finger crone from Elden Ring -- basically a very old lady with sunken eyes.

A walking mausoleum -- basically a church with legs -- crossed with a Pokemon, to make an Elden Ring Pokemon.

A wizard from Elden ring crossed with a Pokemon -- they look elderly and cat like, have bushy silver hair, a sword and a tail.

A golem archer from Elden ring crossed with a Pokemon - basically a giant brown man of stone with orange highlights and a large bow.

A large silver blob, an Elden Ring Pokemon version of Ditto.

Now that you’ve seen Elden Ring Pokémon, what mashup do you want next? I want Cyberpunk characters if they were in the game Banjo Kazooie. Hear that Golden Demise? I got a commission. Anyway, check out all the Pokémon Switch games available if you want to get playing.