Help save adorable geckos in Electric Blue: Gecko Dash

Look at them, let’s not let them go extinct and play a game dedicated to educating you on the issues these geckos face and how to help.

The Electric Blue Gecko Dash mascot on a background of rainforest leaves

Live as a lizard in On the Edge’s upcoming game, Electric Blue: Gecko Dash, which aims to highlight the plight of the endangered species using gaming to teach people and raise awareness.

In Electric Blue: Gecko Dash, you’re placed in the proverbial shoes of the bright blue gecko and must evade capture as well as feed yourself along the way by tapping the screen and controlling where the lil’ guy goes – it looks to be a fun animal game on mobile if you’re looking for a new one.

You need to find bugs to eat and energy to collect as you swerve and sneak past the grabbing hands of enemies and other threats, attempting to keep you in captivity.

So, who is this spritely-looking fellow? It’s a William’s dwarf gecko, known as an electric blue in the pet trade. They’re native to the Kimboza Forest, nestled in the Uluguru Mountains of Tanzania, and they prefer to live on the screwpine trees. Unfortunately, they’re under severe threat from the illegal pet trade and people cutting down the specific trees they live in, along with wildfires and mining.

That’s where OtE Productions comes in. The studio already has other wildlife-centric games under its belt, and now Electric Blue: Gecko Dash makes for a third, coming to iOS and Android in February 2024.

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The game’s development is a partnership between Usiku Games, Kayfo Games, and, of course, OtE Productions. These names are part of the Pan Africa Gaming Group and mark the latest collaboration to create a game raising awareness as to an endangered species’ struggles, such as their previous games, Save the Purple Frog and Kākāpo Run.

You can pre-register now to get the game as soon as it comes out and run around as an eye-catching gecko.

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