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The best lizard Pokémon

Lizard Pokémon can be found in almost all generations of 'mon, so we've put together a list of the best reptilians to pop in your Poké-pocket.

Three lizard Pokemon on a map of Paldea

If you’re a fellow fan of reptilians, then look no further than our list of the best lizard Pokémon to pick some new teammates. Sorry, no frogs, tortoises, or crocodiles here – we’re talking straight chameleons, bearded dragons, and unmistakably gecko-y ‘mons. I have to be specific or my pet beardie will glare at me in disgust. You can actually use this list of lizard Pokemon to put together a pretty competitive team, filling your six slots with exclusively scaly friends.

Anyway, to keep your team safe and sound, you’ll also need to learn about what Pokémon should go up against what Pokémon, so check out our guides on water Pokémon weakness, ice Pokémon weakness, and rock Pokémon weakness. After, you can see which Gigantamax Pokémon you can grab in Sword and Shield.

Without further ado, here are our favorite lizard Pokémon.

Kecleon the chameleon, a lizard Pokemon, on a map of Paldea


Our first and most realistic chameleon is Kecleon, introduced way back in generation three. These little critters hang out in dark areas, like Sun and Moon’s Dividing Peak tunnel – though they can hide anywhere, given that they’re known as the Color Swap Pokémon.

Kecleon is a normal-type and doesn’t have anything too outstanding in its abilities, but its unique color-change ability lets it change type to match any move it gets hit by in battle, which makes it pretty damn versatile. It can still be affected by status conditions, however.

Charmander, a lizard Pokemon, on a map of Paldea


We’d be remiss not to include the first-ever lizard in Pokémon, and Charmander is still one of the best. Charmander is an iconic generation one Pokémon and is literally called the ‘lizard Pokémon’, even if it looks more like a salamander. But let’s just pretend it’s a gecko with a flamy tail.

Obviously, Charizard trumps Charmander in any scenario, but that’s a dragon so doesn’t fit on this list. Also, disappointingly, dragons aren’t real. Charmander can still burn enemies to a crisp, however, and excels in dry weather. Please don’t let it get wet, though, and take fire Pokémon weaknesses seriously.

Inteleon, a tall blue lizard Pokemon, on a map of Paldea


The best of the Sobble to Inteleon line is the final evolution, a humanoid chameleon modeled vaguely after James Bond. It’s one of the starters from Sword and Shield and packs a watery punch with its Gigantamax form.

Inteleon boasts the move Snipe Shot, which has a hefty critical ratio, and deals a large amount of water damage to opponents. The catch is that it ignores any ability or move effects that the opponent has, too. To keep Inteleon safe as you use it in battle, brush up on your water Pokémon weaknesses here.

Salandit, a black and red lizard Pokemon, on a map of Paldea


Salazzle just misses out on our list due to its weirdly humanoid form, plus, Salandit is cuter, and arguably one of the best gen seven Pokémon. If you want a Salazzle, though, you’ll need to catch a female Salandit, as the males can’t evolve. Fun lizard fact for you – this is reminiscent of mourning geckos, where the entire species is female, and they can reproduce on their own. Girl power, right?

Anyways, Salandit – though its name is reminiscent of a salamander – is a toxic lizard Pokémon, and is a dual poison- and fire-type. These critters can spit plenty of harmful poison at enemies and easily inflict the poisoned state on them. They’re one of two sets of Pokémon that have the Corrosion ability, where they can poison any type of Pokémon, ignoring their type. The other Pokémon that can do this are Glimmet and Glimmora.

Heliolisk, a lizard Pokemon, on a map of Paldea


Heliolisk takes its design from a frilled lizard, given that it can fan its neck skin out into an impressive implement for catching rays. Though, their real-life counterparts don’t do this, despite that nightmarish Jurassic Park scene.

Heliolisk, the evolution of Heloptile, is an electric- and normal-type, known as the ‘generator Pokémon’. These guys generate enough energy to power an entire city, according to the Pokemon Shield Pokédex entry. In battle, they channel that energy into powerful moves like Thunder Shock and Parabolic Charge. Heliolisk gains some boosts thanks to its passive abilities, Dry Skin and Solar Power when it battles in direct sunlight.

Treecko, a lizard Pokemon, on a map of Paldea


Treecko, a wood gecko Pokémon based on leaf-tailed geckos, evolves into two suitably lizardy iterations. All three are grass types and can be a good addition to your team if you need some greenery going on.

All three in the Treecko line have the Overgrow and Unburden abilities and can learn most normal and grass-type moves, along with some fighting, rock, and ground types to cover more bases in a battle.

Two Toxtricity lizard Pokemon on a map of Paldea


Toxtricity, another rather humanoid lizard, comes in two forms – Low Key and Amped. The punk Pokémon is electric- and poison-type, with its two forms sharing explosive moves like Boomburst and Overdrive, and each getting a specific move at level 52. For the Low Key form, it’s Magnetic Flux, and for Amped, it’s Shift Gear.

I’m definitely biased but this lizardy gen 8 Pokémon swept through Galar and Paldea for me, and are now staples of my team. If you happen to get a Gigantamax form of Toxtricity, it turns into a huge lizard on all fours, holding a guitar-shaped bolt of electricity. How cool!

Cyclizar, a lizard Pokemon, on a map of Paldea


Somehow, Cyclizar isn’t directly related to Koraidon and Miraodon, despite them all being lizards with tires stuck to their chests. Anyway, Cyclizar is pretty cool, with three different forms – basic, when it’s just hanging around, battle form, and ride form, for when it’s… battling and being a bike.

Cyclizar is a normal- and dragon-type Pokémon, able to learn classic and powerful moves like Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, and Dragon Rush. Remember to keep an eye on dragon Pokémon weaknesses in battle.

Koraidon and Miraidon the lizard Pokemon on a map of Paldea

Koraidon and Miraidon

I’m putting these in the same entry as they’re two sides of the same coin. I wasn’t sure about the legendaries in Scarlet and Violet until I was in a cave with Koraidon and it ‘snarfed’ my sandwich. Immediately sold. Great personalities aside, the two legendaries are the most recognizable gen nine Pokémon and are quadrupedal lizards with vaguely motorbike-like design aspects.

Koraidon is reminiscent of the past, whereas Miraidon is futuristic. You can ride, glide, and slide around Paldea atop them, and use them in battle. Koraidon is a fighting- and dragon-type, and Miraodon is an electric- dragon-type. Each of these legendaries has an ability that changes the tides of battle in their favor, and a robust catalog of moves at their disposal.

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