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Frolick and farm with the Everdream Valley release date

The Everdream Valley release date brings a new magical farming sim to the Nintendo Switch, ranching animals by day and completing challenges by night.

Everdream Valley release date: A white person with pink hair sat by a campfire in Everdream Valley

The Everdream Valley release date is finally here, bringing another cozy game to the Nintendo Switch for farming fans to enjoy. The game comes from Mooneaters, Untold Tales, and VARSAV Game Studios which are all based in Poland.

Everdream Valley lets you create your own slice of paradise where you’ll raise crops, care for animals, and help rebuild your family farm. At night, magic touches the valley, letting you embody the very animals you care for to complete special challenges.

As well as traditional farm animals, you’ll be accompanied by a loyal canine companion who can help you on the farm. Choose from ten different breeds to pick the best pup for you. There’s also a cat slinking around the farm who you might be able to befriend with enough treats.

When is the Everdream Valley release date?

Everdream Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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