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Hollow Knight-inspired Metroidvania, Exil, announces Kickstarter

Drawing inspiration from Hollow Knight, Cuphead, and with visuals heavily styled after anime aesthetics, the Exil Kickstarter is launching soon

Exil Kickstarter: a small robot character walks through a gloomy wooden airship

While Metroidvanias are a dime a dozen nowadays, frankly, I’ll take them all. I couldn’t be happier with the resurgence of my favourite genre, and now we’ve spotted an upcoming title that’s now firmly placed on our radar, and it’s emitting one hell of a beep. Exil is launching a Kickstarter soon, and the inspiration and talents should pique your interest.

Developer Mystic Clockwork Studio has announced the Exil Kickstarter will launch soon, and eager gaming fans can head on over to the Exil Kickstarter page already to register their interest. Described as “an anime-styled, post-apocalyptic Metroidvania”; Exil looks really impressive in the footage already released. The hand-drawn models and thrilling platforming are certainly reminiscent of the best elements of Hollow Knight.

If that isn’t enough, Mystic Clockwork Studios has announced the famed composer Kenichiro Suehiro will also work on the title, whose credits include Goblin Slayer, Granbelm, and Darwin’s Game. We don’t know exactly when the Kickstarter for Exil will launch, but we recommend you register your interest to stay up to date.

When is the Exil Kickstarter launching?

We don’t know exactly when the Exil Kickstarter is launching, so we recommend you register your interest to keep up to date.

Is there an Exil Kickstarter trailer?

Yes, enjoy your first glimpse of the game below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Alright, gamers, that’s all we have for now, but if this has got you in a Metroidvania mood, be sure to read our article on the best games like Hollow Knight next.