Fall Guys on mobile: is it happening?

We round up all of the details regarding Fall Guys on mobile

Will we ever be able to play Fall Guys on mobile? That’s the age-old question, and one in which we hope to answer in this guide. We’re going to round up everything we know so far, including sneaky comments made by developers and potential launches in certain territories. We’ll also bust a myth or two regarding the battle royale sensation already existing on mobile. That way, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be armed with all of the facts.

For those that don’t know what Fall Guys is, it’s a 60 player battle royale with absurd obstacle courses, adorable characters, and quirky graphics. The aim of the game is to be in the top percentage of players across four randomly selected qualifying rounds. The qualifying rounds involve a mixture of mini-games, some are race-like events with obstacles, others are team-based events like fall ball or tail tag. Qualifying in each round earns you a spot in the finale, where there can only be one winner.

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Fall Guys on mobile – is it happening?

We have good news and bad news: Fall Guys is, indeed, coming to mobile. The bad news? It’s only confirmed for China at this time. Senior analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, confirmed on Twitter that there will be a Fall Guys mobile edition.

You can pre-register for the Chinese version of Fall Guys on mobile from the official Bilibili site. You will need an account to pre-register for iOS devices and Android.

What’s with all of the Fall Guys clones?

The official Fall Guys Twitter account Tweeted on August 17, warning people not to believe any adverts about Fall Guys on mobile. It confirmed that Fall Guys is only available on PC and PS4, and that anything else you see is a scam. The Tweet also included a screenshot of one of these scams, where the mouse cursor is clearly visible on the smartphone. 

So, if you are desperate for a mobile version of Fall Guys, you’re in for a bitter disappointment. You will find fake download links on Google and the number of poorly made Fall Guys mobile clones is increasing each week.

Can I stream Fall Guys on mobile?

You can play Fall Guys on your mobile by streaming it from your PC or from your console. You need to own a console with a copy of Fall Guys, a stable internet connection, and an external controller will help.

Here are a number of options you can try:

Could Fall Guys run on mobile?

Fall Guys has a file size of around 4GB, which will make it one of the larger mobile games, but by no means too big. Games like Fortnite, which has a similar cartoony art style, are optimised to run on mobile and perform remarkably well. Fall Guys was also developed on Unity, the same game engine used to develop many mobile games like Hearthstone, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Mario Kart Tour, so it could feasibly run quite well on mobile. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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