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We need this Final Fantasy 16 demake on Nintendo Switch

This Final Fantasy demake is a retro gaming fan’s dream come true, and it was painstakingly made by one Twitter user to emulate the franchise’s pixel origins.

Final Fantasy 16 demake: A screenshot from the demake pasted onto an OLED Switch which is on a mango background

Final Fantasy fans have waited patiently for the release of the newest mainline title, Final Fantasy 16, and Summer Games Fest 2023 treated them to not just a new trailer, but a free demo too. Sadly, this stunning new entry in the iconic series is a PS5 exclusive, but this amazing Final Fantasy 16 demake would suit the Switch perfectly.

Demake? No, it’s not a spelling error. A demake is like a reverse remake – instead of something like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion taking the original Crisis Core and updating the graphics for the next generation of consoles, a demake takes an existing game and builds it in the style of a vintage console like the PS1 or Nintendo 64.

Twitter user @/sz95868047 did just that with the Final Fantasy 16 demo, using assets from the original Final Fantasy game in combination with their own pixel art to create a Game Boy Color-esque demake. Pixel graphics don’t only tickle that nostalgic part of your brain, but some responses said that they prefer graphically-simple games as they make you use your imagination.

As Nintendo continues to add more titles to the Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy games package, this Final Fantasy fan demake would fit perfectly with the existing catalog. We can’t deny that the Final Fantasy 16 demo is absolutely stunning, but we’d love to see the game come to the Nintendo Switch in some form so that we don’t miss out on the action.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 demake. For more from this beloved franchise that you can experience on the Switch, check out our Crisis Core Switch review and our Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters review.