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This is where the fun begins, as Anakin Skywalker heads to Fortnite

Get ready to bring balance to the force, as the chosen one Anakin Skywalker arrives in Fortnite soon. Talk about slaughtering younglings, right?

Fortnite Anakin Skywalker: promotional art for Fortnite shows a young Anakin Skywalker

While it’s not uncommon to play Fortnite and pick up on a plague by the noises of heavy breathing, usually it’s from other people’s microphones. Occasionally however these terrifying tones are diegetic, as the powerful Darth Vader is one of many purchasable outfits in the popular battle royale shooter. Well, good news Anakin fans, because Luke Skywalker’s father is here.

Fresh off his appearance in Obi-Wan last year, the young version of Anakin Skywalker (you know before he got a helmet and became all Darth-y) is heading to Fortnite on May 2, 2023. This leads into the annual Star Wars Day celebrations on May 4 (May the fourth be with you, get it?), though we’re unsure what other festivities will coincide with this year’s event.

Currently, we have no idea what other items or skins Epic Games is adding, but given that previous promotions have come with a slew of options, we expect to get at least a few different outfits for everyone’s favourite Sith Lord. Personally, I’m hoping for a Pod-Racer glider, but that might be a stretch.

While there’s no trailer for the latest Star Wars collaboration yet, you can check out the reveal of Unreal Editor for Fortnite below.

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