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This wholesome hashtag is full of Game Boys out in the wild

Love classic hardware? Japanese Nintendo fans are taking Game Boys out to public spaces, and the whole Game Boy hashtag is glorious

Game Boy hashtag: three photos show classic Game Boy devices being held aloft in scenic outdoor settings, and one in a restaurant next to a lovely looking green cocktail in a glass shaped like a boot

The internet can be awful, but stumbling across this Game Boy hashtag today has made my day. Japanese Game Boy players have started a Twitter hashtag, that translates roughly to “let’s go out with a Game Boy”, encouraging players to take out their Game Boy hardware and enjoy it in a public space.

The Game Boy hashtag is full of fantastic pictures of Game Boys from each of the three generations, and is even filled with some gorgeous modded devices playing games on bright LCD screens. Twitter user @himitsunova is even giving Japanese players prizes for the best pictures.

The pictures include gorgeous snaps of a GBA SP in a restaurant, a classic grey Game Boy at a water park, a beautiful modded Game Boy Colour playing Pokémon Crystal in a bar, and a lot of other snaps next to incredible Japanese food that are making us seriously hungry. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon, and if you have an original Game Boy, why not take a walk and contribute to the hashtag yourself.

If you love classic Nintendo hardware, we recommend checking old Modern Vintage Gamer and his Youtube channel for some fantastic insights, such as his dive into how Game Boy graphics actually worked.

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