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Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is a real-time-idle game about managing the Night’s Watch

The watchers on the walls

That Silly Studio and Devolver Digital have released a new Game of Thrones game on mobile. Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows focuses around everyone’s favourite brotherhood of black-clad reprobates – the Night’s Watch. In the game you manage this honourable institution, sending out ranging parties north of the wall, and relaying ravens that report the progress of these ill-fated expeditions. Here’s the game’s blurb:

“Players will etch their own tales into the annals of Lord Commanders and their sworn brothers over centuries as they shore up stocks, defences and recruits at Castle Black, and send ranging parties out to navigate the wild North, riding into the lands beyond the Wall unsure of what awaits them.”

Sounds pretty great to us! The game also features a gorgeous art style somewhat reminiscent of The Banner Saga and Sable, with beautiful little dioramas, similar to The Almost Gone, or even Monument Valley’s mini puzzle structures. Tale of Crows is out now on Apple Arcade, but alas, it’s a cold winter for Android fans, as it’s unlikely to come to that platform anytime soon.

But you can still watch the trailer either way, and enjoy the relaxing visuals and soundtrack!

Tale of Crows is a real-time-idle game, meaning that time is going to pass in-game even when you aren’t playing. If you allow it, you’ll get notifications throughout the day, as ravens arrive at the castle, making you feel like a lord commander no matter what you’re doing.

If you want to play Tale of Crows for yourself, the game is available on Apple Arcade. If, like me, you’re an Android user with no chance to play it, take solace in our lists of the best mobile idle games, and the best mobile strategy games!