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Gamesir X3 review – the controller of champions

In our Gamesir X3 review, we explain why it’s one of the best Android game controllers on the market, and a fantastic choice for mobile gamers

Gamesir X3 review

Our Verdict

The Gamesir X3 controller is a fantastic gamepad that suits any mobile gamer, with its sleek design, durable buttons, and cooling fan. If you want something that lets you game for hours, this is the device for you, and the fact it’s quick and easy to connect to means it suits those that just have half an hour to spare.

Until recently, my only experience with mobile gaming controllers came in the form of a MOGA, and while I appreciate the design of the controller, given it’s reminiscent of an Xbox gamepad, I find myself not enjoying the weight of it. You see, thanks to the clip that snags your phone above the controller, it feels disproportionate to me, which is why I jumped at the chance to give the new Gamesir X3 a try, and to cut a long story short, I’m glad I did.

Of course, you’re not here for the short story, so allow me to explain why, as a keen mobile gamer, this gamepad changes the game for me. I guess I should start with how it feels to hold, given that’s perhaps my biggest complaint with my previous mobile game controller. Well, the Gamesir X3 feels great, thanks to the way it’s designed, with the phone in the centre and the buttons on either side of your phone, reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

At no point does the weight feel all over the place. It’s centred and you don’t feel fatigued holding it over long periods of time, and trust me, I tested that thoroughly as I spent hours on end playing Dragon Age: Origins through the Xbox Cloud Gaming app. I found myself struggling to put it down, be it because I was playing one of my favourite games, or because the controller feels so good to use, I can’t say – it’s probably a combination of the two.

Connecting my phone to the controller is also quick and painless. No need to mess about with a clip, as you stretch the pad to accommodate your device, which connects to the controller through a USB-C port. It’s a snug fit, so you can be sure your phone isn’t about to fall out of place and smack you in the face as you play games in bed, and yes, I do speak from experience on that matter.

Gamesir X3 review - the controller and Cloud

Another thing that makes the Gamesir X3 a fantastic mobile controller is the buttons. They‘re satisfying to press, don’t get stuck, and feel durable. The fact that the controller comes with different heads for the analogue sticks, and a different type of d-pad is a plus, too. This brings me along nicely to the thumb pads – I’ve been a gamer all my life, and these genuinely might be some of the best analogue sticks I’ve used.

All movement feels smooth, the size is just right, so you have complete control, and not once did my thumbs slip due to loss of grip. Besides the joy of having analogue sticks of this quality, there’s another feature to the controller that fills me with joy, and that comes in the form of a simple button – the screenshot button.

I’m an avid VGP (video game photographer), but it’s always been a pain to capture shots on my phone. Well, the Gamesir X3 has proven to be my best friend in this regard, as I’m able to get some great images with little hassle. Yes, this is a small thing, but to someone like me, it’s pretty huge, and just adds to the love I have for this controller.

Above, I mention how I struggle to put the controller down and can lose hours to it, and if you’re familiar with this type of gamepad and mobile gaming, you’re likely wondering about the overheating I must experience. Well, thanks to the cooling fan on the back of the device, I have little trouble with this.

Gamesir X3 review - a back view of the controller

To use the fan, you need to connect a USB-C cable, preferably the one that comes with the controller – doing so activates the fan to ensure nothing overheats, and it’s effective in this regard. On top of this, you can connect the USB-C cable to the bottom right side of the controller, which enables you to charge your smartphone while you play – no need to worry about your mobile dying on you at a crucial moment.

Finally, I need to touch on the aesthetic of the device – it looks great, the white colour is nice, with the red and blue of the analogue sticks complementing it nicely. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you can protect the controller, and preserve its appearance thanks to the protective case that arrives with it.

In conclusion, I can’t recommend the Gamesir X3 controller enough. If you enjoy mobile games, or want to play Xbox on the go (my primary reason for wanting a gamepad like this), I honestly think you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than this. It ticks every box, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Now excuse me, the Blight won’t end itself, so me and my trusty controller have some work to do.