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Genki launches Waveform, the ultimate gaming earphones

The latest product from gaming hardware manufacturer Genki is the ultimate gaming earphones, which can let you listen to two inputs at once

two pictures show the gaming earphones the Genki waveform

Hardware manufacturer Genki is currently crowdfunding for Genki Waveform, their take on gaming earphones with some fantastic new features. After launching the Kickstarter recently, the project has reached well over £280,000 and funded a few times over, but people eager to grab the product early and some additional backer-exclusive goodies may want to have a look regardless.

So, what is the Genki Waveform Kickstarter all about? Well, these funky-looking earphones are advertised as utilising new technology to deliver ultra-low latency perfect for video games, explaining that they’re much quicker than competitors such as regular AirPods and the Razer Hammerhead. Other important features are enhanced voice clarity, adaptive noise cancellation, and a wireless charging smart case.

The flagship feature, however, is dual-stream, allowing users to connect and mix two audio sources at once. Perfect for playing games and chatting with pals on discord, this is a fantastic workaround for Nintendo Switch players who want to chat with pals. And for ADHD folk like myself, the idea of being able to listen to a podcast and music at the same time while in the gym is a dream come true, though the Genki Waveform is going to set you back a bit!

You can check out the announcement below and follow Genki on Twitter for the latest updates on the project.

Where can I back the Genki Waveform Kickstarter?

You can back the Genki Waveform earphones right now over at the Kickstarter page, and the Kickstarter is due to end on April 15 2022, at 20:00 BST.

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