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Genshin Impact’s lineup simulator doesn’t line up with expectations

The Genshin Impact lineup simulator tool is intended to help you share, save, and rate team comps for different content, but it isn't quite working as intended

Genshin Impact lineup simulator not working has made Paimon very angry

Today, Hoyoverse announced a new Genshin Impact lineup simulator tool on the official Genshin Impact Twitter. Intended to help you plan and showcase your team comps, it appears to allow you to publish your world exploration and Spiral Abyss lineups, and favourite lineups from other players.

However, it seems like there’s an issue with the Genshin Impact lineup simulator. Initially, Travelers trying to access the tool found that it was restricted to players who were either AR55 and over, a certified Hoyolab guide creator, or both, making the tool extremely restrictive.

Additionally, accessing the tool through the link provided in the Tweet now redirects you to a page informing you that the web version of the lineup simulator is under development, but you can go to the official Hoyolab app to get a sneak peek.

We’ve taken a look at the Genshin Impact lineup simulator tool on the Hoyolab app and can see that it is indeed up and running, with multiple lineups on display from other users. However, we’re also still having the pop-up error telling us that we don’t meet the criteria to use the tool despite us being over AR55.

Genshin Impact lineup simulator under development redirect page

Currently, most of us can only use the tool to browse the pre-existing lineups from other users, and like, favourite, or comment on them. You can also filter the lineups by character or scenario, such as Trounce Domains, Domain challenges, or Spiral Abyss floors. But, with the main draw being the ability to create your own lineups, we hope to see the maintenance make this feature accessible to all players.

Luckily, if you’re looking for a tool that allows you to showcase builds in the meantime, including artifacts, weapons, constellations, and talent levels, there’s a brilliant fan-made build site called Enka.Network. By entering your UID, the site fetches data from your character showcase, allowing you to export a snapshot so you can show off or ask for advice. Keep in mind that this tool doesn’t display information for all of your characters, only the ones you have displayed on your in-game showcase, as that information is public to other players.

To help you work out which characters you should be building teams around when the Genshin Impact lineup simulator tool is fully up and running, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact tier list.