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Genshin Impact pixel fan art makes us crave a 2D Teyvat adventure

We’ve seen some stunning tributes to Hoyoverse’s gacha game before, but this piece of Genshin Impact pixel fan art is to the standard of Vermeer himself

Screenshot from Genshin Impact pixel fan art video of a Genshin Character swinging their blade at a ruin hunter

We love fan creations here at Pocket Tactics, from someone playing the Pokémon battle theme in Stardew Valley, to a copy of Morbius for Nintendo DS, but when we see Genshin Impact fan art, we get that little bit more excited. That has a lot to do with the fact that almost half the PT fans are Genshin-obsessed, but also because of the colourful world and characters of Hoyoverse’s massively popular gacha game. 

This time around it’s a piece of Genshin Impact pixel fan art, from Twitter user @Oho_Davi, that teases us with the idea of Genshin as a 2D JRPG platformer, something we didn’t know how much we needed until now. The art in question stars Keqing, Xiao and some other fan favourites taking down a beautifully recreated ruin hunter – honestly, they’ve never looked so good – in a twenty-second short animation that leaves us hungry for more. 

If pixel art is your thing, it’s definitely worth checking out more of Oho_Davi’s incredible work, with more Genshin art in their catalogue, a decent amount of Pokémon art, as well as some tributes to anime such as Spy X Family. Not only that, but for any Stardew fans who wish their villagers had a bit more about them, you can check out Oho_Davi’s anime-inspired sprite mod by clicking on this link.

We’re hoping to see more art out of Ohodavi, as well as the active community of Genshin Impact fans as the game goes from strength to strength. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some Tower of Fantasy fan art start to emerge too, what with the game surpassing Genshin Impact on the App Store last month. Whether it will be as impressive as the stunning tributes we’ve already seen to Hoyoverse’s massive world is yet to be seen. 

Screenshot of the Genshin Impact pixel fan art with all the onscreen UI and one of the characters wielding their blade

There you have it, a piece of Genshin Impact pixel fan art that we just couldn’t help but report on. If you’re a fan of miHoYo’s gacha game, why not check out our thoughts on the latest content with our Genshin Impact Sumeru review.