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Ubisoft and Safe In Our World aim to shut down in-game toxicity

The Good Game Playbook builds on Ubisoft’s existing efforts to combat negativity in online gaming, this time with charity Safe In Our World.

Good Game Playbook - two characters from Assassins creed fighting each other with weapons

Today’s feel-good news comes from Ubisoft and Safe In Our World, who today reveal their ‘Good Game Playbook’ to help players avoid and oust toxicity from online gaming.

We’ve all been at the mercy of an angry player on our team and opposing us – I got robbed in Sea of Thieves and then called names when I dared to use voice chat, and that’s only the absolute tip of the iceberg even for me.

It’s about time we got some sort of help in the online gaming space to avoid unnecessary negativity and shut it down. Safe In Our World, the videogame-based mental health charity, already does some great work as does Ubisoft with their existing Fair Play Program, promoting healthy in-game interactions.

The Good Game Playbook aims to provide players with ways to navigate toxic behavior in games, along with reporting it, countering it, and shielding themselves from it overall, from both sides of the interaction.

Any player can get the handbook by reporting (or being reported) for behavior in Ubisoft games, starting today. For more information, check out Ubisoft’s post here.

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Perhaps this inspires other studios and creators to follow suit, but for now let us swim together as inklings in Splatoon and jump around in Genshin Impact domains, without being rude to one another.

Anyway, if you’re looking to practice being nice in some online games, check out our picks of the best multiplayer games out there right now.