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Good Slice guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

It’s time to channel your inner fruit ninja with the help of our Good Slice guide

Slicing up fruit and veg is a great way to pass your time. The only way to make it better is to see your sliced fruit get pulverised in a blender. That’s where Good Slice excels. Not only are you tasked with slicing up various fruits, but you also need to cut them small enough to feed the blender below. The more fruit chunks you get into the blender, the higher score you will get.

A lot of these slice-’em-up mobile games have cosmetics or other distractions embedded into the gameplay. Not Good Slice. It takes you back with just you and a sharp knife.

Your focus should be on cutting the fruit into certain shapes to slide between the obstacles below. Each level has its own layout, with obstacles that may move and block your access to the blender. These moving obstacles become more prevalent in the later levels, so it may be a smart idea to hone your slicing skills before getting to this stage in the game. That’s where we come in with our Good Slice guide.

Here’s What’s in our Good Slice Guide:

Good Slice download: How to get it on iOS and Android

Good Slice is a game by Voodoo, the same publisher who brought you Paper.io, Cube Surfer, and Roller Splat! You can download a copy of Good Slice from Google Play and the App Store.

Good Slice levels: How to beat them

Completing levels requires you to cut your fruit up small enough to make its way into the blender. The more fruit that misses the blender, the lower star rating you will get on the level. You can complete a level by getting as little as one star, and it won’t affect your progress.

Good Slice Tips, tricks, and cheats

Becoming a fruit-slicing master is harder than it sounds. Maybe the following tips and tricks will help you become a true fruit ninja.

  • Slice and dice: slicing in this game doesn’t follow the normal laws of physics. You can slice multiple fruits, even if there is a wall or two in the way of your blade. Your slice will go clean through this obstacle as if it was never there
  • Channel your inner samurai: in the legendary game of Fruit Ninja, you lose if you’re not quick enough to slice the fruit. In Good Slice, it seems to be the opposite. Slicing a fruit in midair seems to be unreliable and unpredictable. Sometimes you may sneak a sizeable chunk of fruit through, but it seems more like a fluke than skill. So have the patience to let the fruit settle before slicing

  • Dice like a chef: often, you will get into a situation where one or more chunks are stuck together. The best way to unclog the stuck pieces is to slice thinly. If you take big cuts out of large chunks, they often refuse to move. If you take small slices near the points where the chunks are making contact with the wall or an obstacle, everything seems to sort itself out
  • Stop and think: a lot of levels have your fruit sat on top of multiple obstacles. This means if you slice the entire length or width of the fruit, thinner than the gap it is resting on, then a large chunk of the fruit should slide down past the first blockade. This tip is useful in levels with one large item like a pineapple or melon
  • Lookup at your moves: in the top left corner, there is an orange circle containing a number. This number tells you how many slices you’ve got left before the level is over. Running out is a bad idea because the level can end before your last pieces of fruit make it into the blender, costing you three stars
  • Optimise your slicing: if you need to slice a stuck piece of fruit, see if you can drag it further and cut another piece as well. There is no cost in slicing across your entire screen. It might save you a slice later on in the level

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