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Google is speeding up the smartphone migration process

Using a cable and Wi-Fi simultaneously, Google is reportedly intent on making moving your data to a new Android device quicker than ever.

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When you get a new Android phone, you’re usually prompted by the migration assistant to connect your old phone with a cable so it can copy all of your data across. The current Google migration process works fine, but it takes a while, and your options are quite limited. I should know, I do it almost every week.

Android Authority has been diving into the code of upcoming Google software, and according to its report, this process is about to get a significant upgrade. Soon, you’ll be able to use Wi-Fi and a cable simultaneously to transfer your data at much higher speeds. In terms of the ongoing iPhone vs. Android debate, this is a pretty significant leap forward for the Android contingent.

In addition, Google seems to be working on a new feature called Restore Anytime. This should allow you to copy data from another device at any time without needing to reset your phone. A leaked screenshot shows text that reads “The data that you copy is merged with the data on this device. If you’ve changed settings, those changes won’t be overwritten.”

There are, however, some limitations. You can only use Restore Anytime with the same phone that you originally transferred your data from, if you want to use a different phone, that’ll need a factory reset. Admittedly, though, that’s a niche situation.

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Of course, Google’s migration tool isn’t the only one available. Many brands offer their own solutions, some of which have far more robust feature sets. Since Google’s option pops up by default, it’s the one most people will choose to use, and speeding it up can only be a good thing.

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