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Here’s how to play Stadia on iOS

A neat way to try Google Stadia on iOS devices

Google Stadia on iOS might still seem like a far-off dream to many, but Reddit user u/zmknox has come up with a smart solution to getting the game streaming service working on Apple devices. In their post to the Google Stadia subreddit, they detail their new ‘Stadium’ app, a full-screen browser that allows you to play your Stadia games on iOS with minimal fuss.

The app itself is available from over on the App Store, and the set-up process is surprisingly straightforward. This comes as a relief given how fussy Apple has been about allowing game streaming services such as Stadia and xCloud to operate on its platform. In fact, Amazon Luna will attempt to sidestep these same issues by offering its service via a progressive web app. This isn’t a traditional app, but a site that can run separately to your standard browser.

In terms of controller support, any controller that your iOS device recognises should work. Stadium also supports MFi controllers, including the Xbox One and DualShock 4 controllers. All you have to do is pair the controller as you normally would within your device’s Settings menu. That said, the official Stadia controller doesn’t currently work on iOS devices.

Here are October’s free Stadia Pro games:

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If you feel compelled to give Stadium a try, I’d advise that you check out u/zmknox’s Reddit post for the full instructions. The browser is totally free and features no ads. Here’s a link to its App Store page. More information on Google Stadia can be found over on its official site, and we also keep a full list of Google Stadia games.