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The Google Pixel Watch 2 looks the same as the last one

There’s a little Google Pixel Watch 2 sneak peak on YouTube and while it looks pretty, it looks just as pretty as the last one – because they look identical.

Google Pixel Watch 2 header showing a smartwatch on a mango yellow background. It's circular face has two cream bands at the top and bottom, three circular dials on the screen and two watch hands.

With the Google Pixel 8 Pro launch just around the corner, the company has decided to offer some sneak peeks at its new devices. There are the two new handsets, of course, but also the Google Pixel Watch 2. Now, it’s only a fifteen-second video, so we didn’t get too much info, but one thing is for sure: it looks exactly the same as its predecessor.

The thing is, this isn’t really a bad thing. In many ways, the Pixel Watch is the best-looking smartwatch on the market, and the way its straps attach to the watch face is easily the cleverest design of the bunch. Sticking with it makes complete sense.

What this then brings into question is, why tease it at all? Assumedly, all the exciting Google Pixel Watch 2 features are contained inside the device and its software, not in its design. While watching the teaser, I double-checked the date to make sure I wasn’t watching some video from last year.

Anyway, you can check out the Google Pixel Watch 2 below, so you know what to expect at the Google Pixel event on October 4.

YouTube Thumbnail

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