Netmarble’s Grand Cross W beta brings 4X strategy to mobile

Netmarble’s latest title promises 4X strategy simulation, and you can check it out for yourself with the Grand Cross W beta from August 19 until August 29

Art for Grand Cross W with a pink-haired woman in a white and black outfit in the middle, a strong man with grey hair with arm in the air behind, a couple of other women and a large demon shadowing the sky.

Netmarble, developer of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and Marvel Future Revolution, has announced the Grand Cross W beta coming on August 19, giving you a chance to give this new 4X strategy simulation game a go for yourself. With various game modes and multiple strategic elements, it’ll be interesting to see if it can pull off the sort of depth it’s promising.

A self-described next-generation strategy game, it looks like a strange mixture of the tower defence and city building of Clash of Clans, alongside more strategic aspects taken from full-fat PC strategy titles. We’ll have to wait until the Grand Cross W beta and release date to actually see for ourselves.

The game promises “large-scale, real-time, immersive siege wars across land and air.” There are single-player modes, as well as multiplayer elements. You have to lead multiple troop types such as infantry, archers, cavalry, and combat engineers in battles that have erupted across the world of Skyna from the invading armies of Chaos. Sounds pretty serious.

When is the Grand Cross W beta available?

The Grand Cross W beta is available from August 19 until August 29. You can check out the trailer below.

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Grand Cross W release date speculation

While there’s no set Grand Cross W release date, we know that the game is available to download from August 7. We suspect that the full release won’t be too long after the beta

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