Gwent’s winter holiday event is now live

Log in during the Gwent winter holiday event for some festive fun

Christmas is almost upon us, and the Gwent winter holiday event is now live to get players in the festive spirit. The event features a range of winter-themed ornaments, special game modes, limited-time bundles, and much more.

During the winter holiday event, you’ll be able to earn Meteorite Powder by completing daily quests, winning games, and even just by logging in. You may notice a new Rewards Book page, which is where you can spend all your hard-earned Meteorite Powder on festive ornaments such as cardbacks, borders, avatars, and player titles.

Make sure you get in quick, as special game modes will return for a limited time during each week of the event. The returning modes include Dual Casting, Plus One, Momentum, and Battle Rush. As well as being rewarded for general play, the in-game store will be updated with special winter offers. The bundles on offer will include Ultimate Premium Kegs, Meteorite Powder, and winter-themed ornaments, borders, avatars, player titles, and a special Grandfather Frost leader skin for Ardal aep Dahy.

The Gwent winter holiday event is set to end on January 5, 2021, so be sure to log in before then for all the wintery goodies.

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