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Hearthstone Mercenaries final update will add end game boss rush

Only a year and a half since its release, Blizzard is sunsetting Hearthstone Mercenaries with a final content update to add an end game boss rush and more

Hearthstone Mercenaries final update: Three new Mercenaries (a cat, a ghost dog, and a death creature) pasted onto a blurred backgroujnd of a swirling purple portal Hearthstone game board.

Blizzard has announced that the Hearthstone Mercenaries final update is coming in version 25.4, marking the end of new content for the single-player mode. The team will continue to facilitate bug fixes and balance changes for the mode, but no additional content will be added as Blizzard intends to focus on “making the Hearthstone and Battlegrounds modes the best they can be”.

The game mode is going out with a bang as version 25.4 adds six new mercenaries, dual-type cards, faction banners, and end-game boss rush content. Several existing mercenaries will gain a second type, allowing for a range of new synergies across your teams and bringing Mercenaries in line with the other game modes.

The main content addition coming with this update is the Mythic Boss Rush end-game system, a challenging gauntlet of bosses with randomised elements. This takes the existing bounty system and streamlines it for high-skill gameplay, and allows you to upgrade your mercs’ abilities, equipment, and treasures beyond the usual limit.

The Mythic Boss Rush is a free update to the Travel Point and is available once you’ve unlocked Heroic Bounties and have at least one maxed mercenary.

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