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Best Marvel Snap decks

Get a super-powered start with our comprehensive Marvel Snap decks guide, including options for everything from beginner to the pro ranks.

Screenshot of Deadpool, Venom, and Wolverine heading into battle for Marvel Snap decks guide

Our guide to the best Marvel Snap decks is here to help you master the mobile card game and rise up the rankings quicker than Quicksilver. Whether you’re new to the game or something of a pro, we’ve got Marvel Snap decklists to suit everyone, and we’re always adding new ones and fresh cards arrive in the game. So, let’s get into the action.

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Marvel Snap decks

With every card game, there are plenty of potential combinations on offer to startle your opponents. It’s no different in this one, with the best Marvel Snap decks constructed in a specific way to hang around a certain synergy, special card, or combos that up the odds of victory. We’ve decided to split our recommendations into beginner decks, for those still getting used to the format, and the best of the best Marvel Snap deck builds for taking on fellow players online.

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Marvel Snap starter deck

We all begin with the same starter deck in Marvel Snap, featuring some powerful basic cards but few potent effects. While it’s not the worst set in the world, it’s worth trading out cards like Hulk and Abomination for Odin and Gamora when you pick them up as battle pass rewards as their on-reveal effects can be game-changing. Fortunately, all of your early battles are against bots, so you can use this mediocre set until you unlock the required components for our beginner deck recommendations.

Marvel Snap beginner decks

If you’re still getting to grips with this superhero-powered card game, it makes sense to try out one of our beginner Marvel Snap deck suggestions. We’ve chosen builds that get you used to the idea of concepts like summons, combinations, and destruction effects, and are all available in card pool one (collection level rewards 1-214). Once you have your head around these ideas, you should be confident enough to try building your own deck, but if you aren’t, find your way a little further down the page for some of the best Marvel Snap deck recipes we could muster.

Custom image of Onslaught, Ka-zar, and Blue Marvel cards for Marvel Snap decks guide

Ongoing effects 101

Decklist: Antman, Squirrel Girl, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, The Watcher, Mister Sinister, The Punisher, Captain America, Ka-zar, Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Onslaught

Unless your opponent is packing an Enchantress, there’s little they can do about your ongoing effects. With this in mind, we’ve put together a deck with some early-game cards that swarm the board with cards like Minister Sinister and Squirrel Girl before boosting your power to incredible levels with Blue Marvel, Iron Man, and most importantly, Onslaught. Onslaught doubles any ongoing effects, so he’s the most crucial element of this deck.

On reveal effects 101

Decklist: Hawkeye, Rocket Racoon, Mantis, Nightcrawler, Angela, Cable, Scarlet Witch, Wolfsbane, Groot, Black Panther, White Tiger, Odin

Orientating around a bunch of powerful on reveal effects, this deck is easy to construct with cards you can pick up from the first pool (rewards for collection levels 1-214). The main gimmick here is to set up on reveal effects across two locations while trying to find Odin for a powerful end-game play. Odin’s effect allows for on reveal effects to happen again at the location you play him at, which can boost Wolfsbane’s attack into terrifying territories, provide another 7-power tiger with White Tiger, or double Groot’s power points.

Custom image of Apocalypse, Blade, and Lady Sif cards for Marvel Snap decks guide

Destruction effects 101

Decklist: Angel, Nightcrawler, Nova, Blade, Carnage, Wolverine, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Enchantress, Klaw, Spider-Woman, Apocalypse

This is the riskiest of our three beginner decks, but it’s also the set with the most potential to be an absolute nightmare for your opponents, With the hand destruction effects of Lady Sif and Blade able to power up Apocalypse by four points for each time it’s destroyed, I’ve seen combos that end up with the mighty planet smasher with more than double it’s original power points. Pair this with Enchantress’ ability for shutting down ongoing effects, and Spider-Woman decreasing your opponent’s power points, and there are a lot of disruptive late-game plays on offer here.

Marvel Snap intermediate decks

With cards from pools two and three, these intermediate decks pack more of a punch than our beginner decks but have easier-to-understand strategies than our meta picks.

Custom image from the destruction 101 Marvel Snap deck with Deadpool and other heroes

Self-destruction Deadpool

Decklist: Bucky Barney, Carnage, Deadpool, Deathlok, Forge, The Hood, Hulk Buster, Killmonger, Nova, Taskmaster, Venom, Magik

Deadpool isn’t just a big deal at the box office, but he’s an icon in Marvel Snap, too. This iconic character’s regenerating ability sees him return with double the power every time something destroys him, which you can make almost every turn with cards like Killmonger, Deathlok, Carnage, and Venom. Better still, if you can equip Hulk Buster to Deadpool before he dies, those points also double, which can lead to a very powerful final turn one-cost play.

Sera Mystique summons

Decklist: America Chavez, Ant-Man, Angela, Bishop, Colleen Wing, Dracula, Maximus, Mojo, Mysterio, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, Sera

Building a deck around the combo between Sera and Mystique is a great way to get to grips with summoning in Marvel Snap. Sera allows for quicker summons with an ongoing effect that subtracts one energy point from the cost of cards in your hands. Mystique makes like she does in the movies and serves as an incredible mimic, copying the last ongoing effect you played. This tots up for a total of -2 to the energy cost in your hand, which might not sound OP, but trust me when I say that it is.

Custom image of Wong Marvel Snap deck heroes including Wong himself and Spectrum

The Wong Spectrum

Decklist: Ant-Man, Armor, Colossus, Cosmo, Ebony Maw, Goose, Lizard, Mystique, Mister Fantastic, Quinjet, Spectrum, Wong

Like we mentioned earlier, getting your head around card combinations is pivotal to finding your way in this game, and there’s few better ways of doing this than between Wong and Spectrum. Wong’s effect is simple enough in that it causes on reveal effects in a set location to happen twice. Combine this with Spectrum’s on reveal plus two power boost, you can get an easy plus four for your heroes in a single play.

There’s another trick to this deck too though, with lots of players choosing to include a variety of ongoing effect heroes that help to control the field. The best of the bunch are Mister Fantastic, Goose, and Lizard, but it’s also a good idea to include a copy of Ant-Man to benefit from control over the field with a plus three power boost possible.

The best Marvel Snap meta decks

If you’re too much of a hero to play with the beginners, worry not, we’ve got the best Marvel Snap decks for taking to online play. As more cards arrive in the game, we’ll be back to update these Marvel Snap decklists with the freshest of the superfine superhero sets.

Custom image of the Deathpool Marvel Snap deck with Death and Deadpool

Deathpool self-destruction

Decklist: Bucky Barney, Carnage, Deadpool, Death, Deathlok, The Hood, Hulk Buster, Killmonger, Nova, Taskmaster, Wave

This entry on our list of the best Marvel Snap decks is popping with card effects that use self-destruction as a means of taking out opponents’ cards, increasing your hero’s points, and summoning the powerful entity of Death herself. Death’s effect makes playing her on the field easier by costing one less energy point for every card destroyed in the game, and with the kamikaze effects of Deadpool, The Hood, Venom, and more, you can easily get her out in an endgame situation. It’s also worth saying that if you own Knull, you should play that in this deck, switching out The Hood for the king in black.

Sera Zero summons

Decklist: Angela, Bishop, Carnage, Lizard, Maximus, Mysterio, Crossbones, Red Skull, Sera, Taskmaster, Typhoid Mary, Zero

Sera is one of the most OP cards available in the current Marvel Snap roster, with an effect that lowers the energy point cost of cards in your hand. Combine this with Zero, a veritable bear trap of a card that cancels out the next effect used, and you can quickly find yourself in a position of power on the board. Add in Taskmaster to benefit from powerful summons and you’re well on your way to taking down opponents.

Screenshot of Patriot and drones Marvel Snap deck with pictures of Patriot, Ka-zar, and Ulton

Patriots, drones, and clones

Decklist: Blue Marvel, Debrii, Ka-zar, Mister Sinister, Misty Knight, Mystique, Onslaught, Patriot, Shocker, Squirrel Girl, Ultron, Wasp

This deck combines two separate strategies to create one of the most popular Marvel Snap decks in the current meta. The first half of the idea behind this deck is in the synergy between Patriot, with an effect boosting the power points of cards with no effect by two, Ka-zar, who offers a further plus one power point to heroes that only have one to start with, and a few seemingly weak cards like Wasp, Misty Knight, and Shocker. If all that wasn’t enough, Blue Marvel also makes an appearance in some builds of this set, boosting the power points of in-play with an ongoing plus one.

The second part of this deck’s overall strategy is in swarming the field of play with low-cost tokens – we’re calling them tokens for lack of a better word, these are on-field heroes with no original cards but are created by the effect of other heroes, like tokens in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Cards like Ultron, Debri, and Squirrel Girl can all create tokens, and these tokens also receive the power point boost from Blue Marvel and Kaz-ar. For the final flavour in this incredible deck, add a copy of Onslaught, who throws this deck into OP territory by doubling the effect of any ongoing effects in play.


Decklist: Nova, The Hood, Armor, Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Deathlok, Green Goblin, Killmonger, Warpath, Nimrod, Hobgoblin, Destroyer

This is a bit of a hit-or-miss option on our list of Marvel Snap decks, but when it hits, oh boy does it hit. With Green Goblin and Hobgoblin bringing down your opponent’s power, and Bucky Barnes and Nimrod benefitting from Destroyer’s destruction, you can irritate your opponent to no end with the combos on offer here. However, if you don’t get that all-important Destroyer, you might have to rely on Deathlok and Carnage for card removal.

Wakanda Forever

Decklist: Korg, Okoye, Scorpion, Electro, Ironheart, Nakia, Killmonger, Enchantress, Wong, Black Panther, White Tiger, Odin

With Black Panther now digging his claws into the Marvel Snap meta, plenty of players are building their decks around the Wakandan icon. With synergy between Black Panther’s on reveal power doubling and deck and hand power boosting cards like Nakia and Okoye, as well as the on reveal doubling madness of Wong and Odin, the power levels in this set can get up to eye-watering numbers.

Aero Death

Decklist: Nova, The Hood, Yondu, Bucky Barnes, Carnage. Mysterio, Deathlok, Killmonger, Wave, Aero, Magneto, Death

Despite nearly all these cards being part of the game since the beta days of Marvel Snap, the Aero Death deck has only really risen through the ranks since the full launch. This deck list takes some of the basic ideas from the destruction archetype and combines them with the inherent strength of the Wave and Aero combo.

Custom image for Marvel Snap decks guide with Hit-Monkey, Bast, and Beast cards

Bast Beast Monkey

List: The Hood, Ant-Man, Bast, Iceman, Korg, Angela, Hit-Monkey, Black Widow, Beast, Falcon, Mysterio, Bishop

Hit-Monkey’s arrival in Marvel Snap is a boon for bounce decks, with plenty of combos possible between Hit-Monkey, Beast, Bast, and Falcon. The idea here is to get your one cost cards down early, bring them back up to your hand with Beast, and play as much as you can on turn five or six – whenever your play Hit-Monkey – to make the most of the plus two power bonus for each card played. Add in Mysterio, who Hit-Monkey registers as three separate cards, and things can get silly quite quickly.

Knull Galactus

List: Yondu, Wolverine, Daredevil, Electro, Wave, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Hobgoblin, Knull, Galactus, Destroyer, Death

If you’re lucky enough to have both Knull and Galactus in your collection, then you really ought to be playing one of the best Marvel Snap decks that combines the two. The idea here is to keep one lane open while stuffing high-cost cards into the other two, before using Wave to get Galactus out on turn four of Electro to get him out on turn five. Either way, your last play needs to be adding Knull to the Galactus lane, with the King in Black soaking up all the power points from the cards that were at locations Galactus destroyed. Throw in Death, and it’s going to be a struggle for your opponent to outmaneuver you.

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High Evo Lockjaw

List: Wasp, Lockjaw, Killmonger, Thor, Jubilee, High Evolutionary, Jane Foster Mighty Thor, Doctor Doom, Odin, America Chavez, Hulk, Magneto

While Lockjaw Thanos decks might be out of the meta these days, High Evolutionary gives the intergalactic pup a new boost. Hulk is incredible in this deck, with a base power of 16 providing you skip the first two turns, and due to the cost makeup of this deck, you almost always do. With just Jubilee, Lockjaw, and Wasp, you can fill a location with high-cost cards in turns three and four, before bringing out more heavy hitters in turns five and six.

Surfin’ Sebastian

List: Nova, Forge, Ironheart, Mystique, Brood, Magic, Silver Surfer, Killmonger, Sebastian Shaw, Wong, Absorbing Man, Sera

This card relies on playing lots of three-cost heroes at the right time rather than going all in on a big six-cost at the end of the game. The big combo here is playing Magic to get seven turns, then Sera on your fifth turn, before combining Wong, Mystique, Silver Surfer, and Ironheart in your final couple of turns to boost your attack power. Sebastian Shaw turns into your boss card, with a potential power of over 40 when all the On Reveal effects are done.

Lucky Loki

List: Titania, Valentina, Silk, Morph, Gambit, Phastos, Makkari, Shanna the She-Devil, Nocturne, Loki, Blink, Red Hulk

As the name implies, this one is all about luck. Are you lucky enough to draw Makkari on turn three? Are you going to get a good pull from Loki? Can Valentina offer something interesting? This deck is all about RNG and having a fun time with it. It’s pretty capable in its own right, thanks to pure power from Titania, Silk, and Red Hulk, but it can get more interesting if you go all in on rolling the RNG dice and seeing what happens.

There you have it, our picks for the best Marvel Snap decks. While you’re here, be sure to see what other drawing and dueling titles we can’t get enough of with our guide to the best mobile card games.