Try a new trick with our exclusive Tome Tampering Hearthstone reveal

We can officially reveal one of the cards coming as part of the next Hearthstone expansion, Tome Tampering, a three-mana spell with a wicked effect

Full art for Tome Tampering with demon ripping pages from books

With a new Hearthstone expansion right around the corner, we were lucky enough to get an exclusive preview for one of the upcoming cards, Tome Tampering. This warlock spell card is an exciting new addition to Activision Blizzard’s WoW card game, with an epic rarity, and an effect that resets your hand on command. 

Our Tome Tampering Hearthstone reveal is part of a slow drip-feed of new information emerging about the upcoming expansion to the spin-off success title, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any updates on the promised future content, especially as wait for a release date. 

The new expansion is sure to shake up the meta, if Tome Tampering is anything to go by at least, with new support effects arriving in the game to add even more depth to the countless strategies on offer. If you feel the need to bone up on the current state of play before a swarm of new strategies arrive, take a quick look at our Heartstone decks guide, once you’ve checked out the new card below.

What is Tome Tampering’s effect in Hearthstone? 

Tome Tampering is a warlock class three-mana spell, functioning as a support card for warlock-orientated decks. The exact effect reads as “shuffle 1-Cost copies of cards in your hand into your deck, then discard your hand”, so if you know much about Hearthstone, you know that this card deserves its epic rarity for the amount of resource control on offer, and it’s certainly worth tracking down to add to your collection. 

Full card reveal from Tome Tampering Hearthstone with demon and wings illustration

There you have it, our exclusive Tome Tampering Hearthstone reveal ahead of the card arriving in the game, and with any luck, your deck. For more from the fantastical world of WoW, be sure to check out our Warcraft Arclight Rumble preview and see how the next spin-off is shaping up.