Hearthstone update: Scholomance Academy is open!

Get all the latest info on every Hearthstone update coming to the game

It’s hard sometimes to keep up with every Hearthstone update – you stop playing for a week or two, and suddenly you’re getting your ass handed to you every single round, and somehow things just aren’t clicking into place. But each Hearthstone update is important – they keep things fresh, constantly adding new minions, heroes, and quality of life changes. In the end, every Hearthstone update is what keeps the game alive. But we understand the plight of players surprised by the ever-shifting meta, so that’s why we decided to create a Hearthstone update guide.

Whether it’s updates coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds, an update to Hearthstone gameplay, or a whopping new expansion, our Hearthstone update guide has handy sections for each patch, and what it’s introducing. We’re also going to keep updating it as new content is added to the game.

That way, each new update is easily digestible, allowing you to assimilate the new minions and heroes into your game. If you enjoy this Hearthstone update guide, be sure to check out our list of the best Hearthstone decks, and Hearthstone battlegrounds mobile guide for further helpful info!

Here are all of the latest hearthstone updates:

Scholomance academy

Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Scholomance Academy is now live, and brings with it lots of new minions, mechanics, and updates:

  • Dual Class-cards: making up 40 of the 130 cards coming in Scholomance, Dual Class-cards mix together the strengths of separate classes to create something new. Dual Class-cards also have a shared legendary minion, which is their professor
  • Spellburst keyword: this new keyword activates when you cast a spell, providing a one-time effect
  • Studies: these are new spell cards that let you Discover – choose from a selection of three cards – and immediately reduce the mana cost of the next you play

There’s also still another Hearthstone update yet to come, with a new Hearthstone mode on the horizon, and a new Hearthstone Battlegrounds gameplay feature. Stay tuned for more info!

Hearthstone update 18.0

Scholomance has now arrived, but Patch 18.0 made a minor Hearthstone Battlegrounds update before the expansion dropped. Here are the biggest changes in Hearthstone update 18.0:

  • New battlegrounds minions and hero
  • Zoobot and Menagerie Magician are removed from Battlegrounds

new heroes

mr. bigglesworth (battlegrounds update)

Though unfortunately named after Dr. Evil’s cat, Mr. Bigglesworth lets you steal powerful minions from players you kill – pretty handy, eh?

new minions

Here are the minions from Hearthstone patch 18.0:

Menagerie Mug (Battlegrounds update)

  • Tier 2
  • 2 Attack, 2 Health
  • Battlecry: Give 3 random friendly minions of different minion types +1/+1

Menagerie Jug (battlegrounds update)

  • Tier 4
  • 3 Attack, 3 Health
  • Battlecry: Give 3 random friendly minions of different minion types +2/+2

If you want to play Hearthstone for yourself, check Google Play and the App Store to download!

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