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How to get Great Fairies in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Every step you need to complete to unlock Great Fairies in Age of Calamity

One of the Great Fairies in Age of Calamity, she's puckering for a kiss and is getting rather too close for our comfort.

After completing the first mission of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity’s fourth chapter, a quest will appear that requires a rather large amount of rupees to complete. This is actually the start of the process to unlock the Great Fairies as a playable character.

Once you’ve paid the rupees, a bunch more Age of Calamity quests and challenges are unlocked that need to be completed in order to get the Great Fairies to join your Age of Calamity character roster. Each challenge has your chosen fighter face off against hordes of foes to accrue rupees, before fighting against one of the four Great Fairies in battle.

With such tight time limits and an expensive rupee tax to even get started, you may be wondering what the best method is to unlock the Great Fairies. That’s where this guide comes in. We will detail the steps you need to get the Great Fairies as a playable character, how to get a ton of rupees quickly, and what you need to do in the unlocked challenges.

How do I unlock Great Fairies?

To unlock Great Fairies in Age of Calamity, you will need to:

  • Complete the first mission of Chapter 4
  • Complete ‘Offering Help on the Road’ quest
  • Complete ‘Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains’, ‘Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows’, ‘Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands’, and ‘Fairy Fountain: Battlefield’ to unlock the Great Fairies as playable characters

The steps to unlock them are relatively straightforward in principal. The first step is to accrue a large amount of rupees, which is most efficiently done by grinding challenges. If you’re struggling coming up with the rupees to get started, you can always gather a bunch of Age of Calamity items to sell at any one of the unlockable Age of Calamity merchants.

.Some items are especially valuable, and you’ll definitely want to sell weapons with the ‘high resell value’ perk at any merchant, as they’re otherwise useless for your warriors. Once you have 4,500, you can unlock the next four challenges.

All four of these challenges have a difficult level of around 21-30. You’ll need you to defeat tough monsters like elemental Moblins, Hinox, and others, all while collecting enough rupees to face each individual Great Fairy in battle. They’re all largely the same, but focusing on the bigger monsters nets you more rupees.

Once you’ve completed the final challenge of the four, you’ll unlock the Great Fairies as a single playable character. It’s a bit weird, considering you just fought four individual fairies, but that’s how it is.