How to unlock all the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity merchants

How to unlock all of Age of Calamity's merchants and their items

We’ve already gone over a fair few of the items available in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, but if you have the rupees available, you can also swing by one of the many merchants to nab their stock. You can take a gander at all of the known Age of Calamity items and their locations in our other guide, but we’ll keep the ones from the shop here.

That’s because some of the items found in the store are not currently found anywhere else in the game, which is aggravating because they don’t always stick in one spot, or appear at all. There are a couple that always appear, High Spirits Produce is a good early-game example, but the rest so far have been travelling merchants that appear irregularly.

Luckily, you can just complete a mission or challenge to make them reappear or refill their stock. It can even be one you’ve previously completed! So join us as we go over all of the inventories of each merchant, the prices of their available goods, and the quests that you need to complete.

Each one of the merchants in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is themed around a specific item type. So one sells only fish, while another sells only fruit. We’ll be listing each one by name and the type of item that they sell. You also need to complete specific Age of Calamity quests to unlock them.

The fish merchant's item list, full of different types.

Age of Calamity merchant list

High Spirits Produce

How to unlock: Complete Pumpkin Burglars

Item Rupees
Swift Carrot 16
Bird Egg 12
Goat Butter 12
Fortified Pumpkin 20
Cane Sugar 12
Bokoblin Guts 80

Snowy Feathers merchant

How to unlock: Complete Brilliance for the Boutique

Item Rupees
Spicy Pepper 16
Endura Shroom 24
Tabantha Wheat 12
Hearty Durian 60
Ice Keese Wing 24
Sapphire 1,040
Octo Balloon 20

Secro’s Supplies

How to unlock: Complete Shop-Quick Store

Item Rupees
Raw Prime Meat 60
Swift Violet 40
Fleet-Lotus Seeds 20
Stealthfin Trout 40
Staminoka Bass 72
Hearty Blueshell Snail 60

Dearest Stars

How to unlock: Complete Wanted: Shop Assistant

Item Rupees
Amber 120
Opal 240
Topaz 720
Ruby 840
Sapphire 1,040
Diamond 2,000

Royo-Royo Depot

How to unlock: Complete Gotta Have a Sign

Item Rupees
Flint 20
Fireproof Lizard 25
Smotherwing Butterfly 10
Spicy Pepper 16
Rock Salt 12
Goron Spice 16

Mabe Ranch Co-op

How to unlock: Complete An End to Fighting

Item Rupees
Courser Bee Honey 40
Fresh Milk 12
Bird Egg 12
Goat Butter 12
Hylian Rice 12
Acorn 8
Chickaloo Tree Nut 12

Kochi Dye

Colour Helmet price Armor price Footwear price
Blue 240 600 360
Red 180 460 280
Yellow 190 470 280
White 410 1,030 620
Black 30 80 50
Restore original colour 20 20 20

Travelling Merchants

Monda (Fish)

How to unlock: Have at least one travelling merchant slot unlocked

Items Rupees
Voltfin Trout 24
Sizzlefin Trout 24
Chillfin Trout 24
Sanke Carp 80
Hearty Bass 72

Bena (Mushrooms)

How to unlock: Have at least one travelling merchant slot unlocked

Items Rupees
Sunshroom 16
Zapshroom 16
Chillshroom 16
Hearty Truffle 24
Big Hearty Truffle 60

Segimo (Ancient tech)

How to unlock: Have at least one travelling merchant slot unlocked

Item Rupees
Ancient Screw 48
Ancient Spring 60
Ancient Gear 120
Ancient Shaft 160
Ancient Core 320

Dayfah (Fruit)

How to unlock: Have at least one travelling merchant slot unlocked

Item Rupees
Palm Fruit 16
Hydromelon 16
Wildberry 12
Voltfruit 16

Cheria (Bugs)

How to unlock: Have at least two travelling merchants slot unlocked

Item Rupees
Thunderwing Butterfly 10
Electric Darner 10
Cold Darner 10
Sunset Firefly 10
Restless Cricket 10
Hot-Footed Frog 10
Hearty Lizard 100

Ettu (Vegetables)

How to unlock: Have at least three travelling merchants slot unlocked

Item Rupees
Hyrule Herb 12
Blue Nightshade 16
Electric Safflina 12
Cool Safflina 12
Warm Safflina 12
Hearty Radish 32
Big Hearty Radish 60

And with that, our Age of Calamity merchants guide is complete. Thanks for reading and do check out our other guides. For those trying to upgrade their roster, our Age of Calamity characters guide has all of the details for unlocking and upgrading characters.

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