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Idle Police Tycoon guide: tips, tricks, and cheats

Manage the perfect precinct with our Idle Police Tycoon guide

We’ve played every kind of idle game under the sun. Whether it’s idle prisons, oil tycoons, kingdom creators, or mining, we’ve been there, done that. But we’ve never played an idle police game before. That’s where our Idle Police Tycoon guide comes in. In this management-based game, you take command of your very own police station, receiving crime reports from the public, and setting your trusty detectives to work cracking the cases. You then arrest said perpetrators, and sit back as the cash rolls in.

It’s a fairly simple formula, but the game also has a few slightly more complex elements. Our Idle Police Tycoon guide will explain everything – how to play, which rooms you need to build to succeed, how tactical units work, and how to catch most wanted criminals. We also have some tips and tricks to help you fashion your new precinct into a well-honed tool of justice.

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everything in our idle police tycoon guide:

idle police tycoon download: how to get it on android and ios

Here’s how to get Idle Police Tycoon on mobile:

  • Head to the Idle Police Tycoon Google Play page for Android, or App Store page for iOS
  • Press ‘install’ to download, or ‘get’ on the App Store
  • Press open to start playing!

IDLE POLICE TYCOON apk: how to bypass android app stores

The Idle Police Tycoon APK is available for download on APKPure.

IDLE POLICE TYCOON pc: how to play it on the big screen

You can play Idle Police Tycoon on PC by downloading the Android emulator, Memu Play, and the game is available at the linked paged

IDLE POLICE TYCOON game: how to play

As you might have guessed, your job in Idle Police Tycoon is running a police station. Here’s how you do it:

  • Citizens enter your police station and report crimes at reception, but you’ll need to hire a receptionist to file these cases away
  • Interns will ferry these files from reception to a detective, allowing them to start cracking the cases
  • Detectives work on whatever cases they are given, and the green bar above their head represents the amount of time the case will take to solve
  • When a detective solves a case, they take it to the security division, who go to arrest the culprit. Multiple officers are required for an arrest. The green bar above the lockers indicates how long it will take
  • The security division places any criminals caught in the jail. Usually they stay there for a couple of hours, but sometimes longer depending on the severity of the crime. You are paid money for every hour a criminal spends in jail
  • As with most idle games, the objective is to make money and expand, and the key to doing this is catching criminals, and using the money you make from them to upgrade your precinct, allowing you to deal with different types of crime

idle police tycoon most wanted criminals: how to catch them

The most wanted are dangerous criminals, and you must catch them in a specific way:

  • Revealing the identity of a wanted criminal requires you to pay money to an informant
  • This will reveal their identity and three tasks you have to complete to arrest them. These tasks are usually themed around the criminal. If they are a notorious car thief, you may have to make traffic violation arrests, or upgrade your station’s parking
  • Each of these tasks, and the eventual arrest, give you some pretty big rewards

idle police tycoon management: what rooms do i need?

As your precinct expands, you’ll need to increase the types of rooms that you have. Here’s how to do it:

  • Different rooms deal with different types of crime, which are denoted by the symbols that you see above each when you tap the management tab in the bottom right corner
  • Fraud is represented by the credit card, vice by the syringe, vandalism by the spray can, traffic violations by the traffic lights, and the mask is counterfeit. If you want to solve these crimes, you’ll need a room with that symbol above it
  • It’s also worth considering that you have to arrest these criminals. Regular police officers can deal with traffic, vandalism, and fraud, but you’ll need other officers for the more dangerous cases. That’s where the next section comes in…

IDLE POLICE TYCOON tactical unit: how to get them

The most dangerous criminals require well-trained officers to arrest them. Here’s how the tactical unit works:

  • The tactical unit takes over from regular police officers, allowing you to arrest vice and counterfeit criminals, and you can purchase them in the management menu
  • It’s worth considering that you also need a place to house these malcontents, and dangerous criminals require isolation cells, which only have a capacity of one. No point arresting dangerous criminals if you have nowhere to put them.

IDLE POLICE TYCOON tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to get started in Idle Police Tycoon:

  • Balance salaries: keep an eye on how many people you’re employing, and whether they are actually doing work, or are surplus to requirements. You never want to pay more in salaries than you make from arresting criminals
  • Remember the process: Idle Police Tycoon is all about the process. Citizens report crimes to receptionists, interns pass along the cases, detectives solve those crimes, officers arrest criminals, and the jail houses criminals. If you just work at making that process faster and more efficient, you’ll be very successful
  • Items are needed to hire employees: don’t forget that you need desks for detectives, and lockers for interns or police officers. Without these items, you can’t hire further employees
  • Build more cellsmore cells means more criminals, and more criminals means more money. There’s no point having an amazing department of detectives if you don’t have cell space to house the criminals they catch
  • Expand regions: remember that you can expand regions, which will cause different kinds of cases to arrive in your station
  • Gems: you can buy gems, or earn them from catching most wanted criminals, and these let you speed up room construction


Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions surrounding Idle Police Tycoon:

Why do I only earn so much money when offline?

Idle Police Tycoon only gives you a couple of hours worth of profit, but you can increase this by watching an ad, paying gems, or you can get more time by purchasing an offline time manager.

How do I earn gems?

The only way to get gems is to complete the tasks required to catch wanted criminals. Either that, or you buy them from the store

What do cards do?

Cards are a fun collectible, but they also improve certain aspects of your station, by increasing revenue percentage, or reducing clock time. You can get cards by buying packs for gems.

And that’s our Idle Police Tycoon guide! If you want more games like Idle Police Tycoon, be sure to see our list of the best mobile idle games.