The Ikai giveaway is now closed

Love getting scared? Get your spook on, and experience some scary Japanese folklore, with our Ikai physical edition EU giveaway for Nintendo Switch

Ikai physical giveaway a creepy image shows a hand appearing through ice and holding a phsyical copy of Ikai for the Nintendo Switch

If you’re a big fan of horror games, you are going to absolutely love our Ikai physical edition EU giveaway. Pocket Tactics has teamed up with the lovely folks over at Numskull to offer our readers one beautiful physical copy of the recent horror title, and we just know it’s going to look great as a part of someone’s collection. This competition is only for the EU and the UK, so if you’re from the US or similarly distant from Europe, you’ll have to come back for one of our other giveaways.

Ikai is an indie horror title that evokes the ethereal feel of classic hits like Fatal Frame, and similarly pulls from the creepier elements of Japanese folklore. Players explore a house that is almost certainly haunted by some pretty gruesome spirits, and must solve environmental puzzles and draw kanji to keep the beasts at bay. To read more of our thoughts, be sure to read our excellent Ikai review.

In short, we loved our time with Ikai, and its strong sense of atmosphere that our reviewer Kayleigh found herself losing hours to the game. It’s got some tricky and slightly cumbersome puzzles, but there’s a lot to love for horror fans. Just follow the details below to find out how to enter our Ikai giveaway, and then one lucky winner will be setting off on an incredibly scary new adventure very soon.

All you need to do to enter our giveaway is fill out the box below. Please be aware, that this competition is for UK and EU readers only! If you do enter, please also check out our terms and conditions.

PT – Ikai physical edition giveaway

We’ll notify the winners by email next week, but if you just can’t wait until then, check out our bumper guide to the best Switch games and find something new to play today.