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Inkulinati draws up a Switch release date in 2024

Medieval strategy title, Inkulinati, brings its individual and impressive art style to Switch next year, so grab your ink pot and brush and get ready to draw.

Inkulinati release date - a rabbit wearing armor being farted on by a donkey

Head into an adventure filled with a menagerie of medieval animals, silliness, and intriguing imagery. The Inkulinati release date arrives on Switch in 2024, bringing the ink-based strategy game to the console at long last.

Coming from Yaza Games and Daedalic, Inkulinati caught my eye with its medieval art style, filled with animals, warriors, and musical instruments taking inspiration from marginalia (doodles and drawings found in books) of old. You know, like a turnip with a face and someone picking peculiar fruits from a tree.

The game is now confirmed for release soon – thanks to a Tweet by Yaza Games stating that 2024 looks like it’s “going to be an exciting year”, along with a picture of a Switch with Inkulinati on it. Originally confirmed for Switch back in 2020 on the game’s Kickstarter, Inkulinati has been a long time coming but is an indie game worth the wait.

Inkulinati takes you on a journey using living ink, where turn-based battles take place in those aforementioned margins of medieval manuscripts – try saying that five times fast.

You use the ink to draw your units and send them into battle, where they perform combat actions. Strategy is key in order to make it past your foes and protect yourself while you draw through level after level of odd enemies.

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We’re excited to get our hands on this and play with all the silly little guys and critters, but in the meantime, check out what we picked as the best Switch games of the year and our favorite mobile games of the year.