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How to solve the Inscryption clock puzzle

Spending too much time on the Inscryption clock puzzle? Quit stalling and get those brain gears whirring with this speedy solution

Inscryption clock - a wooden cuckoo clock with trees on the side

Stuck searching for the Inscryption clock puzzle solution? While this horror-tinged rogue-like is typically known for its deck-building mechanics, it also throws in plenty of conundrums that’d be more at home in an escape room. The Inscryption clock puzzle represents two of these mysteries in need of solving – and this guide can show you how to handle both.

Nominated for and awarded several Game of the Year accolades when it first released on PC, many consider Inscryption one of the best indie games of recent years. And with the Inscryption Switch release, you have almost a month to decide if it deserves a space on your list of best Switch games in 2022.

Here’s how to solve both parts of the Inscryption clock puzzle:

Inscryption clock puzzle solution one

First, let’s look at the bottom opening in the cuckoo clock. There are a lot of steps to solving this one, but if you’re already diligently solving other puzzles in Leshy’s cabin, then chances are you’ll be able to figure it out.

In case you want to do most of the thinking yourself, here’s the Inscryption clock solution without spoilers for the other puzzles:

  • Open the safe
  • Solve the puzzle box
  • Free the caged wolf
  • Obtain the magical eye
  • Check the cuckoo clock

Still stumped? Here’s a more detailed solution:

Inscryption clock - dials on the front of a safe

Open the safe

When walking around Leshy’s room, you’ll stumble across a large book. Flip through the pages to find a combination number – 273. The safe contains a new card and the key to the puzzle box.

Solve the puzzle box

The puzzle box looks a bit like an armoire, and you can unlock it with the key from the safe. Inside are a series of puzzles that resemble Inscryption card battles. Move the various ‘card’ blocks around until you can deal the right amount of damage.

The first two puzzles won’t help you with the clock puzzle, but you’ll need to complete them to unlock the final two puzzles in the series. Puzzle number three gets you the Caged Wolf card as a reward.

Free the caged wolf

Let the Caged Wolf die during a battle against Leshy. Get up from the table at the next available opportunity, and search the room for a wolf statue. This wolf was caged before you killed your card, but you’ll now be able to pick it up.

Elsewhere in the room is a squirrel statue – and next to it you’ll find a conveniently empty spot. Placing the wolf statue here gives you a new item to pick up. Be careful carrying it back to the table – it’s a sharp knife.

Obtain the magical eye

Use the knife during a card battle with Leshy. This will prompt your foe to offer you a gift – a box of eyeballs to choose from. The one you want to choose will look a little more glow-y than the others, and it’s covered in arcane markings. (Note: if you can’t find this eye in the box, you may need to die and repeat the process again.)

Inscryption clock - a wooder cuckoo clock with the words "now sit back down" above it

Check the cuckoo clock

Your new eye will help you see things in a new light – including the cuckoo clock. Match the clock hands to the new, glowing markings to solve the puzzle and claim your rewards. The rewards are a new card for your deck and a roll of film.

Inscryption clock puzzle solution two

This is the easier puzzle to do, but the hint on how to solve it is very easy to miss. In fact, many Inscryption players ‘solve’ the puzzle with guesswork, trying every possible time combination until the compartment unlocks.

The hint for the puzzle isn’t found until you’re about to fight Leshy, the final boss of Inscryption Act One. Before the climactic battle, Leshy gives you the opportunity to win beneficial boons by succeeding in trials. As he offers you cards describing the boons, eagle-eyed players might spot a carving of a clock on the table – and the number eleven. Setting the clock hands to 11 o’clock unlocks the top compartment of the puzzle.

Inscryption ring

The ring you find in this part of the clock has no real use outside of Leshy’s boon trials. If you have it on your person when undertaking the Trial of the Ring – congrats! You’ve automatically passed.