Inscryption’s Leshy and how to beat him

In Inscryption, Leshy is your first (and perhaps most memorable) foe – learn about the Scrybe of Beasts from Act One here, as well as how to beat him

Inscryption's Leshy with a trader mask on

In Inscryption, Leshy is the very first character you meet in the rogue-like deck-builder, and you’ll spend a lot of the game staring into his haunting, luminous eyes. Though he wears many masks and conceals many mysteries, it is possible to get to know the formidable Scrybe of Beasts. It’s also possible to beat him at his own deadly card game.

Inscryption arrived on Nintendo Switch on December 1. If its reception on other platforms is anything to go by, it may well be one of the best Switch games to pick up before the year comes to a close. It could also be a contender for the best Switch card games before very long.

Here’s everything you need to know about Inscryption’s Leshy.

Who is Leshy in Inscryption?

In mythology, the Leshy is a forest deity, often presented as a cross between a man, a stag, and a mossy tree. In Inscryption, Leshy (also known as the Scrybe of Beasts) stays pretty faithful to this depiction. However, you won’t see his true form for some time – Leshy spends most of Inscryption Act One concealed by shadows or his various hand-carved masks.

Leshy is your game master and opponent in Act One. As well as playing cards against you, he also narrates your run as you journey his rogue-like maps and explore his cabin. He’s rarely seen without his camera. By capturing their image, Leshy can turn animals, objects, and anyone who loses to him into cards for his game.

He also appears in Acts Two and Three of Inscryption. He plays an increasingly minor role gameplay-wise, but he remains present in the story until its conclusion. After that, he once again becomes your mainstay opponent in the game’s challenge mode, Kaycee’s Mod.

A card battle taking place with Inscryption's Leshy

How do I beat Inscryption’s Leshy?

First, you’ll need to beat the three mini-bosses in Act One. These mini-bosses are all actually Leshy, but he’s wearing a different mask each time.

The Prospector bulks out your hand if you kill his mule but turns your played cards into gold in his second phase. Next is the Angler, who steals your cards with a fish hook in phase one and plays an army of nasty Great Whites in phase two. Lastly, the Trapper fight includes traps that turn your cards into pelts – which you then trade for powerful beasties in the second phase.

Once you’ve survived these phases, you’re ready to fight Leshy for the final time. By now, you should have a powerful deck built from the best Inscryption cards you can find. Ideally, you want plenty of rare cards, the right combination of card sigils, handy items like the scissors or extra squirrels, and perhaps a powerful totem. It also helps to keep your deck relatively slim – you don’t want to run out of cards part-way through the fight, but you also don’t want to be stuck waiting to draw your winning cards.

Before the final fight, Leshy gives you the chance to score some extra boons by completing trials. You can choose one boon from three for each trial you pass, and having one or both boons will naturally make things a little easier. If you can, get hold of either the Ambidextrous or Magpie’s Eye Boon, as these let you draw two cards per turn or search for the specific card you need whenever you draw – getting the right cards at the right time is crucial.

Now onto the fight itself. Understanding Leshy’s phases and movements can help you plan your attacks.

In phase one, Leshy will play a series of rare cards to attack you and a Mole Man to soak up all early damage you deal. At the start of every turn, Leshy will either don one of his mini-boss masks or perform that mask’s signature move – the Prospector replaces your played cards with gold nuggets, the angler steals your most recently-played card, and the trader lets you trade cards.

Phase two Leshy keeps up the mask mechanic, but he puts down some Grand Firs and Airborne cards to slow you down temporarily. He also plays extra-powerful Deathcards that will be unique based on your runs.

In phase three, Leshy takes a photo of the literal moon. This is his only card for the phase, but it’s got a beefy HP count and a handful of special sigils. Your only option here is to destroy it before it can rinse through your remaining deck. In Act One, it’s vulnerable to the Stinky and Touch of Death sigil (though this won’t work in Kaycee’s Mod). Otherwise, you’ll just have to hit it for everything your deck has got.

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