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Apple iPhone 15 leaks are looking hotter and hotter

There’s a steady trickle of Apple iPhone 15 leaks and rumours coming through, and they all paint an exciting picture for the company’s next line of phones.

iPhone 15 release date header showing a row of iPhone 14 Pro Maxs layered a bit like a spread deck of cards. On the far right the phone's screen is facing us, with a purple, white and black abstract background. Layered behind are four other iPhones all showing their backs, with an Apple logo in the middle and three-lens camera setup in the top left corner, all in various colours. From right to left: dark purple, gold, white, and black.

Leaks are part and parcel of any lead-up to an iPhone launch. There are so many different moving parts and so much excitement for the company’s next product that people hunt out everything they can. But there’s something particularly exciting about all the Apple iPhone 15 leaks.

Apple iPhone 15 rumours of late have started sounding very nice. A recent rumour spotted by 9to5Mac suggests the base iPhone 15 model will take the frosted black design of current pro models, offering a consistent look across the line.

This, combined with the dynamic island (restricted to the iPhone 14 Pro last year) supposedly coming to all models (according to Forbes), and it could be a lovely year for iPhone-likers. Forbes has also highlighted possible additions like upgraded LiDAR, solid-state buttons, and reduced bezels.

This will also be the first set of iPhones with USB-C, as Marques Brownlee explains below.

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