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Apple Store staff set to push iPhone 15 USB-C accessories

The iPhone 15 USB-C switch is almost definitely on its way, and Apple Store staff are reportedly trained to make sure customers know that Lightning is obsolete.

iPhone 15 USB-C header showing three iPhones on a mango yellow background. On the right is an iPhone SE, with a home button and large bezels above and below the screen. In the middle is an iPhone 14 Plus, a phone with a small notch at the top of the screen. On the right is an iPhone 14 Pro, a phone with a cutout pills shape at the top. All three have the time 9:41 on a blue, yellow and green abstract background.

We’re only a few days away from Apple’s Wonderlust event, where we’re set to get the iPhone 15 release date and specifications. We’re expecting some camera upgrades, the new A17 Bionic, and, of course, confirmation of the iPhone 15’s USB-C switch.

Well, as we all wait it turns out Apple Store employees might be trained for the confusion this switch may cause, according to MacRumors. Apparently, staff are set to make sure customers understand that their old iPhone chargers are no longer compatible, and that they need to buy a USB-C charging brick if they don’t already have one, given there’s not one in the iPhone 15 box, just the cable.

The push to USB-C for iPhone is something Apple has been reluctant to commit to – with rumors suggesting the company hoped to hold out on Lightning until it’s ready to launch a portless handset that would only charge wirelessly. EU legislation, however, has pushed the move, bringing the iPhone in line with Apple’s other devices like Mac and iPad, as well as pretty much every other phone in the world.

Apple is reportedly developing a USB-C version of its wired Earpods, as well as its different renditions of AirPods. While this USB-C switch may be brief, assuming Apple’s portless plans pan out, it’s likely a massive switch for any iPhone users who aren’t deep in the tech world.

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