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KartRider: Drift Rise update overhauls the mobile game

KartRider: Drift is teaming up with Automobili Lamborghini in an exciting collaboration that sees three new sports cars arrive in-game.

A green Lamborghini racing forwards with a yellow car and driver behind it

KartRider: Drift’s Rise update is here, introducing new features, quality of life changes, and, perhaps most excitingly of all, a limited-time collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini – we’re sure everyone and their nan are more than aware of this iconic sports car company. Well, for KartRider: Drift players, you now have access to three Lamborghini vehicles, each of which is a thrill to use.

The vehicles Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Roadster, Huracán EVO Spyder, and Urus Performante are sure to make the other racing games blush, as they allow you to speed around the tracks in style. You’d best make the most out of these luxury sports cars, as the collaborative event ends on March 13.

Some might say it takes a certain personality and style to gel with such cars. Well, thanks to the Rise update, not only do the characters have the personality to drive these cars, but the skills, too, as each racer now has their own unique abilities to fit their style. There are two types of skills, active and passive; the first you need to activate yourself, while the other activates automatically.

Right, so now you have the skills, what about your vehicles? The new update adds a new kart tuning system, so you can adjust your kart and upgrade it to unlock new abilities. Though all karts start with the same default speed and acceleration, you can alter booster acceleration, drift acceleration, boost duration, boost charge amount, long slide drift sustainability, and how well you maintain your boost after a wall collision.

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All of these changes are changing the KartRider: Drift experience, offering players even more fun and depth. As for the quality of life updates, there’s now improved matchmaking, ranked item and speed matches, and the ability to play multiple matches in a row without the need to return to the lobby and join another queue.

It’s an exciting time for fans of car games, though if you feel the need for a different kind of speed, check out our Sonic games guide.