Create your own rules and dynasty in Kingdom Maker

The Kingdom Maker release date is finally here, and it invites you to get into all kinds of trouble as you build cities and develop a dynasty for the ages

Kingdom Maker key art

Scopely’s Kingdom Maker is now out in the wild, and the MMO has just one rule – create your own. Throughout your time in this world, you get to experience various narratives as you meet and interact with a range of enigmatic characters, and the world itself is interesting thanks to its medieval aesthetic.

Now that the Kingdom Maker release date is here, you can celebrate by diving in. You can create your own character with vast customisation options, this ensures you get a unique feel and are unlikely to meet another character akin to your own. In fact, you can create your own dynasty and do as you please with them.

You can explore some dungeons, get into a fight or two, get a lover, or perhaps cause as much mischief as you possibly can – the opportunities are endless. Furthermore, you get to design and build massive cities, all while you fight to gain new territories to expand upon. Of course, to do this, you need an army, and Kingdom Maker allows you to fully customise your troops.

What’s the Kingdom Maker release date?

It’s already here, just head over to Google Play or the App Store to download it.

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