Limited Run Games shows off three KOTOR II physical versions

Thanks to Limited Run Games, Sith and Jedi alike can get their hands on one of three KOTOR II Switch physical versions - may the force be with you

A Sith Lord posing as a Jedi and Sith fight in the background over the KOTOR II Switch physical versions

In a galaxy far, far away, you have some serious decisions to make that can alter the shape of your destiny, mainly because Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords allows you to walk a path that takes you down either the light or Dark Side of the force. The beloved RPG hit Nintendo Switch digitally earlier this year, but now Limited Run Games is ready to show off its various physical editions.

The first KOTOR II Switch physical version is a standard copy of the game, so you get the case and cartridge but nothing else – perfect for if you just want to add a new title to your ever-growing physical collection. Next up is the Premium Edition, which includes the base game, a steelbook, collectable coins, character concept art cards, a certificate of authenticity, and a poster.

However, for the true Sith and Jedi out there, the KOTOR II Lords Master Edition is the way to go, as it includes everything from the Premium Edition, as well as a throwback case (an original Xbox case to hold your Switch one), a premium foil hardcover strategy book, Darth Nihilus miniature hilt replica, pazaak playing mat, a pazaak deck, and a lithograph.

When is the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords physical edition pre-order date?

Pre-orders for all three editions go live on August 19. Just follow the links below:

Everything included in the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Lords Master Edition

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