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Alto’s Odyssey dev teases new mobile game for Netflix

Snowman, part of the team behind snowboarding game Alto’s Adventure, has teased Laya’s Horizon, a new mobile game coming to Netflix’s ever-growing roster

Laya's Horizon release date - A screenshot from Laya's Horizon showing a deep valley with a large mountain at the other end, dotted with rocks, wires hanging between them, and a wide open sea in the distance. At the top is a figure, arms outstretched, revealing a wide cape like a wing suit, a pale gold.

Developer Snowman has teased Laya’s Horizon, a new mobile game coming to Netflix. Snowman worked on Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey alongside artist Harry Nesbitt, a collaboration which forms Team Alto.

It’s just a teaser for now, so we don’t have a Laya’s Horizon release date or really any other details beyond the teaser trailer. To our eye, it looks like another game all about traversal, though this time it’s in 3D, unlike the 2D Alto games.

In the trailer, the camera pans from the sea across an idyllic landscape with birds and trees, before rising to reveal a gauntlet of buildings and stalagmite-like rocks bursting from the ground. Once at the top, we see a character, assumedly Laya, outstretching their arms to reveal a cape that looks like it’s built for gliding.

So, it’s a gliding game, and you can check that all out below.

YouTube Thumbnail

We’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates and a Laya’s Horizon release date as soon as we get it. For now, why not check out our Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain review to see where it all started?