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League of Pantheons codes - free summon scrolls and more

Looking for free stuff in this mythological idle RPG? That’s where our League of Pantheons code list comes in handy, letting you battle to your hearts content

The roster of characters in League of Pantheons

November 29, 2022: we checked for new League of Pantheons codes.

Build your own squad of heroes and battle it out with League of Pantheons’ mythical mashup. This idle RPG has a wide range of charming characters to use in both PvP and PvE, all in a world inspired by a wide range of mythological characters. From Zeus to Wukong, it’s great for any history obsessive.

To make it as a summoner you may need a helping hand, and while there’s a helpful Discord community for LoP, that might not be enough. And that’s what we’re here for. Our League of Pantheons codes list can bag you free summons scrolls, treasure tickets, and XP, as well as diamonds and gold for a nice spending spree.

You can get even more freebies by heading to our Mythic Heroes codes, Valkyrie Force codes, and Sprite Fantasia codes lists. It’s also a good idea to check out our League of Pantheons tier list and reroll guide to find out who the best characters are (and how to get them). We’ll update this page as we see new codes, so be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly.

League of Pantheons codes

Active codes:

  • HALLOWEEN131 – free reward (new!)
  • YMFL888 – free reward (new!)
  • ornament888 – free reward
  • Neofans123 – free reward
  • Welcomeback999 – free reward
  • Lovepapa777 – free reward
  • Happy61day – free reward
  • thankyoumom – free reward
  • BLUESTACKS777 – free reward
  • GXFC2022 – 200 diamonds, a treasure ticket, and an adv. summon scroll
  • WELCOMETOLOP – adv. summon scroll, a treasure ticket, and 100 diamonds
  • LOPTREASURE – ten adv. summon scrolls
  • LOP2022 – 100k XP, 200 diamonds, and 300k gold
  • LOP999 – 200k XP, 200k gold, and a revelation summon scroll

Expired codes:

  • Happiness123

The hero Hel, who you can summon with League of Pantheons codes.

What are League of Pantheons codes?

League of Pantheons codes get you free stuff in-game, from currency like gold and diamonds, to summon scrolls, treasure tickets, and XP. Be sure to check back often so you don’t miss any!

How do I redeem League of Pantheon codes?

Redeeming League of Pantheon codes is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Start-up League of Pantheons
  • Tap the avatar icon in the top-left corner
  • Go to settings and press “Redeem Pack”
  • Input the gift code
  • Enjoy your freebie!

It’s that easy. And if you can’t get enough mobile RPGs, check out our favourites available on iOS and Android in our best mobile RPGs list.