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League of Pantheons tier list and reroll guide - all characters ranked

Do you ever wonder who the mightiest of the gods might be? Yeah, we do too, and that's why we've put together a League of Pantheons tier list

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Another day, another hero-based RPG emerges from the depths and lands on your mobile device. The new game in question is League of Pantheons, which is full of content for everyone. Do you enjoy single-player experiences? Great, have fun battling your way through the campaign. Like to show off your dominant side? Fantastic, go to war with other players in the game’s PvP features.

However, the gameplay modes aren’t what has us excited. Instead, we love that League of Pantheons is heavily focused on mythology, and not just one. The game features Greek, Norse, Japanese, Roman, and Egyptian mythological immortal beings. If you’re an ancient history nerd, or just like the legends of old, this is the game for you, but how do you know which characters to use? Well, our League of Pantheons tier list ranks the heroes. Who would win in a fight between Odin and Zeus? Read on to find out.

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Without any further ado, here’s our League of Pantheons tier list.

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League of Pantheons tier list

Rank League of Pantheons characters
S Abaddon, Pandora, Thor, Nidhogg, Illsya, Venus, Hades
A DPH, Dark Lord, Jormungand, Hel, Hera, Raphael, Zeus
B Alleria, Apollo, Cynthia, Fenrir, Sphinx, Valkyrie
C  Seraph, Nezha, Anubis, Poseidon, Gaming, Ratatoski, Titan
D Hamdell, Erial, Dionysus, Odin, Pan, Prometheus
E Athena, Aensland, Magma Fiend, Phoenix, Wyrmilch

How do I perform a League of Pantheons reroll?

Like any team building mobile RPG, you can perform a reroll if you don’t get the character you want to start with the first time around. Just follow these steps, and you’ll have the immortal you desire in no time:

  • Fire up League of Pantheons
  • Use a guest account
  • Hit the profile icon
  • Head to settings
  • Go to redeem pack and type in LOP999
  • Head to your inventory
  • Use the revelation summon scroll
  • Repeat the process until you get the character you want

Once you have the immortal you want, you can bind your account by heading to settings, then hitting the bind email button.

There you have it, our League of Pantheons tier list and League of Pantheons reroll guide. If you’re after more strategy-based games, we have a list of the best mobile strategy games you can check out.