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Lineage2M release date guide

Find out all about the Lineage2M release date and whether or not the game features cross-play.

Various character races stood together

With the Lineage2M release date now upon us, you’re able to download the game on your iOS or Android device. There’s a chance you might already be familiar with the world of Lineage2M as it’s set in the same fantasy universe as its PC counterpart, Lineage. Overall, there are five playable races for you to choose from, including elves, humans, dwarves, dark elves, and orcs – races that all RPG fans are familiar with.

Of course, as with any role-playing game worth its salt, Lineage2M features a range of classes that allow you to use various weapons such as swords, dual wielding, daggers, bows, staves, and orbs.

When is Lineage2M’s release date?

Lineage2M is out now, you can pick it up on iOS and Android.

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Does Lineage2M feature cross-play?

In short, yes, the game is playable on both PC and mobile should you be a user of Purple, NCSOFT’s proprietary PC cross-play service. It allows players to use their preferred platform interchangeably. If you’re at home and plan on playing for hours, you can use your PC, or if you’re out and about, you can whip out your mobile and pick up where you left off.

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