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Lionel Messi set to appear in every mobile game for the rest of time

Following appearances in PUBG and Call of Duty, Lionel Messi is set to make an appearance in every mobile game ever until the sun explodes in a dying galaxy.

Screenshot of Lionel Messi running up to Genshin Impact character in Teyvat

April 2, 2023: Much to our disappointment, Lionel Messi won’t actually be appearing in every mobile game ever. This was an April Fools prank!

Another week means another exciting gaming crossover, and yet again, it’s the Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi you can expect to meet in, well, every mobile game ever. That’s right. Lionel Messi is coming to every mobile game. Forever. It’s just a matter of time.

Following successful stints in PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and of course, Konami’s eFootball 2023, Messi is now set to arrive in your favourite mobile game, whether you want him to or not. Genshin Impact? Sure, a five-star Messi banner and a boon for Teyvat FC. Marvel Snap? He’s not quite a superhero, but he’s coming there too. Candy Crush? We don’t know how that’s going to work, but if he’s trusted with an assault rifle in a battle royale, he should be able to blast away some candy pieces.

Now you can plan how you’re going to recreate your favourite Lionel Messi moment in your favourite mobile game, from lifting the 2023 World Cup in the heat of the Qatar sun to calling the Netherlands striker Wout Weghorst an idiot, or just playing it safe and avoiding your taxes. Better still, you can take comfort from the knowledge that one of the world’s most highly-paid athletes is getting a few extra dollars courtesy of the mobile gaming industry. It’s the sort of thing that helps you get to sleep at night.

Of course, with Lionel Messi coming to every mobile game until the eventual heat death of the universe, we can only expect further appearances from Neymar Jr and Ronaldo, two fellow footballers who love a bit of game partnership action and ego inflation. Ronaldo is said to be planning on transforming himself into a bodiless celestial force so he can survive through the end of time, just so his ethereal fifth-dimension form can create a new mobile title starring his big old Portuguese head. That’s what I call sportsmanship.

Lionel Messi in Deep Space with Ronaldo and Neymar Jr

There you have it, the news that as your body withers and the onslaught of time slowly takes away your faculties, Lionel Messi will still be there, arriving in all the new mobile games. For some titles you might expect to see the Argentinian soccer star in, check out our picks for the best football games.