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The best football games on Switch and mobile 2024

These are the best football games on Switch and mobile - ours is the definitive list, so get out there, play them all, and claim victory for you and your team.

Football games: Isagi from Blue Lock running after a football, outlined in white and pasted on a royal blue PT background

Even if you prefer not to play sports in real life, sometimes it’s nice to play videogame adaptations. So, what are the best football games? Which ones make you cheer so much that you throw your beer in the air? It’s crucial to know, and that’s why we put on our boots, took to the pitch, all just to discover what the crowd-pleasing soccer games are on Switch and mobile – sure, we came across some that are okay substitutes, and others that deserve red cards, but they can stay on the sidelines.

However, if football isn’t the physical activity of your choice, perhaps our lists of the best basketball games, golf games, hockey games, baseball games, wrestling games, and tennis games can score some more points with you. Or, if the idea of virtual exercise is less appealing than a colonoscopy, our lists of the best Disney games and Lego games are light-hearted, fun, and sure to make you forget all your worries and your strife.

Anyway, let’s get out there and kick some balls with our picks for the best football games on Switch and mobile.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 Nintendo Switch™ Legacy Edition

Fifa series – Switch and mobile

Given Fifa is the Call of Duty of the soccer world, I’m just going to suggest the entire Fifa series, especially since few changes are made with each release – seriously, if you want to see a huge difference besides players being on different teams, maybe only buy it brand new every three years or so.

Still, it’s arguably the most popular soccer game in the world, and with good reason, as it features every team across a countless number of leagues from around the world, and now, it includes the women’s division too. Not only do you get to play some of your dream matches in Fifa, but these days you can take part in an original story, as well as either play a single player in a career mode or as a manager.

Of course, for all you mobile gamers out there, you can give Fifa Mobile a whirl, but bear in mind that it’s missing some features found in the mainline series, but it does have the basics, and lets you live out your footballing fantasy.

Key art of Haaland kicking the ball in the air on Ea Sports FC 24 for best football games list

EA Sports FC 24 –  Switch

Following EA Sports’ breakaway from the FIFA group, FC 24 is the dawn of a new era for soccer gaming. In saying that, it’s very much still the same as it ever was, with plenty of game modes to keep you engaged, from the online marketplace of Fifa Ultimate Team to the more traditional Career Mode approach.

Unlike the five years of FIFA titles that came before, FC 24 is the first EA Sports football sim on Switch to make use of the developer’s Frostbite engine. This means the soccer gameplay is better than ever on Nintendo’s handheld device, so much so we gave it a solid 8/10 in our FC 24 review. Or, if you’re playing and looking for some top-quality players, see our guides to FC 24 potential and FC 24 wonderkids.

Football games - Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition – Switch

Is this a football game? I mean, it says so in the title, but it depends on where you are in the world. If you’re in North America, then yes, if you’re in the UK, technically not, but we still recognize it as American football, so it counts. Besides, it’s an ultra-violent version that features all sorts of great moments as a range of mutants take to the pitch – that alone means it deserves some attention.

Much like Madden, the game allows you to either become the coach or GM of your favorite team, leading them to victory by any means necessary – even if it means broken bones, well, so long as it’s not your players that receive the injuries.

Football games Madden

Madden NFL 23 Mobile Football – mobile

iOS / Android

It’s time to score some touchdowns on the small screen. Much like the mainline Madden series, Madden NFL 23 Mobile Football is a must-play for American football fans, as it features all of the NFL’s teams, stadiums, and players. Furthermore, it has a range of game modes to sink your teeth into, including the ability to create a player and lead them to stardom. Or, you can put together your dream team, and fill it with the stars of the past, present, and future.

If you’re looking for a Madden game to play on the go, take a punt on this one, at least until the mainline games make their Nintendo Switch debut.

Football games Rocket League

Rocket League – Switch and mobile

Before you form a lynch mob and cuss me out, take a second to consider what Rocket League is – the closest thing you can get to a soccer game without the use of feet. You drive around instead of running, yet the aim of the game is still to strike the ball into the back of the net. Therefore, it gets a place on this list.

Perhaps the best thing about Rocket League is that the matches are short, so if you only have a bit of game time, you can squeeze several matches in. This also makes the mobile version, Rocket League Sideswipe, great. Speaking of which, if you want to show off your mad skills, check out our Rocket League Sideswipe air roll guide.

football games efootball

eFootball 2023 – mobile

iOS / Android

If we compare this game to other entries on this list, it’s not exactly amazing, but hey, for what it is, it’s not a bad soccer game – we certainly won’t give it a red card, maybe a yellow on a bad day. In all seriousness, it’s a solid title, especially on mobile, and it offers a lot of the same content that Fifa does. In fact, it’s fair to say that it comes down to personal preference, with some preferring EA’s title, and others wanting to take to the pitch with Konami’s game.

If you want some easy-going football action, eFootball has you covered, but prepare yourself, as some of your favorite players and teams might not be what they are in real life – licenses sure are a pain.

Foottball games Mario Strikers

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Switch

As the name of the game implies, Mario and co lace up their boots, put their competitive hats on, and take to the pitch for a 5v5 match of strike, a sport that’s just like soccer, except, you know, it’s a bit heavier on the offense, what with the bombs, bananas, and ability to wipe out your opponents.

Check out our Mario Strikers: Battle League review to find out what we think about the mustachioed plumber’s latest foray into footie fun.

Football games: Key art from Omega Strikers featuring Juliette, a dark-skinned character with brown hair in a ponytail with a red streak, amber eyes, and a plaster on her face. The game's logo is in pink below.

Omega Strikers – Switch and mobile

iOS / Android

Mixing top-down soccer game vibes with colorful, fast-paced 3v3 MOBA action, Omega Strikers is the debut title from Odyssey Interactive, a studio made up of ex-Riot employees. Kick, bash, and shoot your way to victory amongst slime girls, giant hamsters, and kitsunes.

We’ve got an Omega Strikers review that goes into more detail and an Omega Strikers tier list if you want to know who to pick to get some early wins. Plus, it’s free-to-play, so giving it a go can’t hurt.

Football games: A promotional image of Nagi powerfully shooting the ball from the Japanese version of the game

Blue Lock Project: World Champion – mobile

iOS / Android

Blue Lock PWC as it’s more commonly known is a soccer management sim mixed with a visual novel, based on the immensely popular Blue Lock anime. You play as a fired-assistant-turned-soccer-coach working at the Blue Lock facility, training up these young stars to become Japan’s number one striker.

This game is free to play, but it’s also a gacha game, meaning there’s a certain element of luck and RNG to how well your team can do against the competition.

So, what do you think? Are these games championship-worthy, or do they face relegation? Either way, we consider them to be some of the best football games on Switch and mobile. If sports aren’t your thing, check out our picks for the best Switch games and best mobile games to see what else is out there