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Little Orpheus release date announced for Nintendo Switch

Previously an Apple Arcade exclusive, The Chinese Room has announced story-heavy, side-scrolling adventure Little Orpheus’ release date for Nintendo Switch

Screenshot from the game Little Orpheus featuring protagonist Ivan Ivanovich being attacked by a large, monstrous worm.

The Chinese Room has announced the acclaimed adventure game Little Orpheus’ release date for Nintendo Switch. After a stint of exclusivity on Apple Arcade, it’s coming to Switch and other consoles on March 1 this year. It has also received a visual overhaul to make it ready for the big screen, with new hi-res textures, animations, and enhanced graphics.

Published by Secret Mode and made by Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture developer The Chinese Room, Little Orpheus follows the story of Soviet cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich exploring fantastical lands, like dinosaur-filled jungles and underwater kingdoms. This console version also features ‘A Rush of Onion to the Head’, an excellently-named bonus episode added to the game.

Acclaimed for their storytelling, The Chinese Room has received multiple awards, so this is undoubtedly a welcome addition for any Nintendo Switch owner, even if we have to wait a while for the Little Orpheus release date. Now all I want is the rest of the studio’s back catalogue, not too much to ask for, right? If, like me, you need some good stories in the meantime, check out our list of the best visual novels on Switch and mobile to find something to tide you over.

You can check out the Little Orpheus trailer for consoles and PC below.

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Looks pretty good to me. There is, annoyingly, a little over a month to wait for the Little Orpheus release date. We’ve got lots of recommendations for your little handheld with our best Switch games list, or check out our Nintendo Switch Online N64 games guide for a rundown on everything retro.